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Streamlining Price Determination

To obtain some of the most up-to-date thinking about strategies for price determination, Federal News Network and PROPRICER convened a panel of federal acquisition, auditing, technology and program experts to discuss pricing and how they approach it.

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Proposal Pricing Software Checklist

When searching for the best pricing software solution for your company, there are many considerations to take into account in order to make the right decision. This checklist is designed to help in the evaluation process.

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PROPRICER Case Studies

Aerospace Supplier

“Frankly, I don’t know where we’d be on a government audit without the documentation we get fast from PROPRICER.” 

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GA drone-2000x750

General Atomics

"The only way we're able to support that type of volume and meet all the customer requirement dates is with PROPRICER."

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Fincantieri Marinette Marine

"We just bid another 13 ships in the time it would have taken us to bid 4 several years ago."

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“I don't know if we're the fastest PROPRICER implementation ever, but that sure was fast.”

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Defense Manufacturer & Services Provider

"PROPRICER made us aware of a problem we didn't even know we had."

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Federal Agency

“One of our contractors came to us and said, 'hey, we need this done in a quicker time frame and a quicker turnaround,' and then introduced us to PROPRICER.”

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SARA drone-1600x600

Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA)

"We have so many different contract types, customers, and requirements. PROPRICER is a significant time-saver regardless of the proposal size or complexity." 

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PROPRICER Webinar Replays


Discover the Pricing Solution Used by Top DoD Contractors

For many government contractors, putting together proposal pricing is time-consuming, complex and frustrating. With PROPRICER Contractor Edition, those days are over!

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Save Time & Easily Make 11th Hour Cost Proposal Changes

Learn how proposal pricing teams that use PROPRICER Contractor Edition save time, and quickly make changes to proposal pricing.

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Never Recreate a Contractor's Cost Model Again

Learn how PROPRICER Government Edition dramatically reduces the time it takes to review, analyze, and audit a contractor’s cost proposal.

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'Price Like a Pro' Video Series

Cost Estimating Relationships (CERs)

In PROPRICER, Cost Estimating Relationships can be easily created and used in your proposals. Check out how PROPRICER creates hours, units or costs for you instantaneously.

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Reusing Historical Proposal Data

Many times a proposal starts off by using historical information from a similar effort as the basis for new estimates and pricing. PROPRICER makes it easy to re-use your historical data in new proposals.

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Live Pricing Environment

When a change is made in PROPRICER, the data you are seeing is updated instantaneously, giving you assurance that you are making decisions based on proposal information that is always up-to-date.

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Role-Based Pricing Environment

Restrict your users from making changes to other's data with PROPRICER's role based permissions.

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Target Pricing

The 'Target Pricing What-If' allows you to see a proposal’s current cost information, at any level you’d like, and then adjust those costs up or down.

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Adjusting Pricing to Schedule Changes

Learn how to move proposal resources when the project schedule changes. See how PROPRICER automatically recalculates escalation of labor and other costs for the new schedule!

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Proposal-Wide Resource Switching

Use Resource Switching as a fast and easy way to find resources and replace their value to any other valid resource from your Direct Rate Table.

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Detail Cost Breakdown Report

FAR Subpart 15.4 (Contract Pricing) gives government contractors guidelines for providing a proposal cost breakdown, learn how PROPRICER makes providing compliant cost data easy!

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Proposal Rate Buildup Report

Learn more about a quick and easy way to see the hourly direct and indirect cost for each of your resources.

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Three-Point Estimating

Learn how three-point estimating is made quick and easy with PROPRICER.

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