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    Other Integrations

    Connect for Web

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    Connect for Web is a ProPricer REST application programming interface (API) that allows data to be shared between applications in a network. 

    Connect for Web can enhance your processes by:

    • Connecting various business systems to ProPricer data.

    • Allowing access to ProPricer data in custom web applications designed with any programming language.

    • Increasing connectivity with customers and partners through exchanged data.


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    GSA Travel Import

    Thumbnail GSA Travel Import

    The GSA Travel Import Tool lets you import GSA per diem and lodging rates directly into a ProPricer travel rate table directly from the GSA website.

    With the GSA Travel Import Tool, you can:

    • Import all GSA rates, or just rates for specific destinations.

    • Adjust rates before they are imported.

    • Define how specific GSA data appears after it's imported into ProPricer.


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    Active Directory User Sync

    Thumbnail ADUS

    Active Directory User Sync allows you to sync users and groups in Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD) with ProPricer users and roles. When a user or group is created or changed in Active Directory, the users and roles in ProPricer are automatically updated. 


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    Database Optimization Tool

    Thumbnail Database Optimization Tool

    The Database Optimization Tool removes data that is not being used in the libraries, rate tables, and proposals of a ProPricer database to improve the performance of ProPricer. You can run this process manually, with a command line parameter, or on a schedule using Windows Task Scheduler or Windows Powershell.


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    Do You Need a Custom Integration?

    Our integration and custom API give you the power to get the absolute most out of your ProPricer tools. By integrating and automating ProPricer with the rest of your tech stack, you can not only save time and skip manual, error-prone tasks, but you can also efficiently execute them at scale.

    ProPricer creates additional process performance improvements by electronically connecting ERP, legacy, Office, databases, and/or other enterprise or desktop systems such as accounting, EVMS, cost engineering, and project management.

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