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    Helping You Win Government Contracting Opportunities

    Over half of the world’s top 100 government contractors use ProPricer.

    ProPricer Contractor Edition has a history of understanding the complexities of federal contracting. Today, the name ProPricer reflects a full line of proposal pricing solutions designed for businesses of all growth stages and contracts of all types. ProPricer Contractor Edition has the features to help companies of all sizes succeed when bidding on large-dollar federal contracts.

    From Pricing Chaos to Pricing Confidence

    Learn how this DoD prime contractor painlessly implemented ProPricer, quickly reducing proposal development time by an average of 50%.

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    “We just bid another 13 ships in the time it would have taken us to bid 4 several years ago.”

    - Philip K., Fincantieri Marinette Marine

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    Drastic government contract policy and procurement changes have occurred over recent years. If your business sells, manufactures, or offers professional services to the Federal Government, let’s start a conversation on how ProPricer can help you.

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