Ensuring Data Integrity for Flawless Execution

    Standardize your BOE templates, create efficient workflows, and track estimate data as it changes. BOE Pro ties all of your proposal's estimates back to the BOE narrative, streamlining the data review process and ensuring the integrity of your estimates.


    Who Uses BOE Pro

    All members of your organization—from estimating teams to managers and subject matter experts—can use BOE Pro to efficiently complete their tasks.

    Pricing and proposal managers can use BOE Pro to create a proposal breakdown structure and assign team members to their tasks in a responsibility assignment matrix. They can also monitor their team’s progress using workflow steps and activity feeds, as well as analyze proposals with proposal views, what-ifs, and reports.

    Writers can use BOE View to quickly see all the tasks they are assigned to and work on creating accurate BOE texts.

    Estimators can also use BOE View to create estimates based on the available text, or they can go to the Estimates page to ensure all the details for the estimates are correct.

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