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    Security Roles for Proposal Peace of Mind

    Setting up proper rights and administration status are foundational elements to your proposal’s integrity and security. When you use applications like Microsoft Excel for proposal pricing, you are limited in the types of things you can do to restrict your users from making changes to others’ data.

    Additionally, it is nearly impossible to have hundreds of concurrent users in the proposal making changes at the same time. With ProPricer, ALL of your users can work together, at the same time with an explicit set of permissions called Roles.

    By using Roles to set access permissions for your user base, you have peace of mind that everyone can do exactly what their job requires.

    “We had a pretty good laugh when we saw that an electrical engineer had been calculating many of our estimates. We realized the extent to which we needed ProPricer’s structure.”

    Input Cost and Pricing Data in a Secure, Role-Based Environment 

    System administrators can easily create and edit roles and access to determine exactly what users can and cannot do within the application. Once a user no longer needs or should have access, simply disable the user account with just a few mouse clicks.


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