As the industry solution of choice for contractors and federal agencies to host and manage critical, competitive, and confidential cost data, professionals around the globe are actively using PROPRICER as a key component of their consulting or technology services.

Consulting & Technology Partner Programs

PROPRICER Partners enjoy the following benefits:

For more information or to become a PROPRICER Partner, please contact us. 

International Reseller Program

We are currently looking for software resellers located in the UK and Australia. If you are interested in spreading the word about PROPRICER and have expertise in federal contracting, please contact us.

PROPRICER Referral Program

PROPRICER customers are eligible for valuable discounts and complimentary offers when they participate in the PROPRICER Referral Program. 

 Our Partners

Our Consulting Partners offer a serious competitive edge with the ability to augment their services with unmatched proposal pricing capabilities, otherwise exclusive to PROPRICER customers.


The Contract Coach

The Contract Coach is your roadmap to navigating the maze of confusing and often contradictory government requirements. We can help you understand which provisions and clauses apply to you and explain in layman's terms how to comply. Be it a proposal, a pending contract award, or establishing best practices for contract administration or project management The Contract Coach has the tools and experience to face that challenge. 



From the largest aerospace and defense contractors, through major software providers, to healthcare and financial/audit services providers, SM&A is the partner many companies choose to help them PURSUE, WIN, and PERFORM.

Dixon Huges Goodman

Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP

Dixon Hugh Goodman, LLP (DHG) ranks among the top 20 public accounting firms in the nation. With more than 2,000 professionals in 13 states, we combine deep experience with a strong commitment to personal service. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed—and we do so through a resourceful approach to solving problems, providing solutions and helping our clients achieve their goals


InLine Financials, LLC

InLine Financials, LLC provides full-service accounting solutions to government contractors. Our team provides guidance for small to large size contractors assisting with implementing the systems that enable companies to work with the government, win government contracts and manage growth.

Our Technology Partners collaborate with the PROPRICER team to extend proposal cost data from PROPRICER into their complimentary financial solutions to provide our mutal customers with automated data flows and custom solutions for their internal processes.

PRICE Systems

PRICE Systems

As the most experienced cost estimating company in the world, PRICE® Systems provides agile and accurate estimating solutions. We enable our clients to become better estimators, improve bid success ratio, achieve tremendous savings in analyzing effective alternatives and improving cost.

Make your team's transition to PROPRICER seamless—with our regional, onsite and online training options.
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