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    Government Contract Pricing for Federal Proposal Submissions

    ProPricer is the industry-leading government contractor proposal software that enables collaboration between the federal government and contractors of all sizes to streamline the proposal process during submission, negotiation, and award.

    ProPricer Contractor Edition is created specifically for contractors.  It helps increase the speed and accuracy of your estimating cycle, drive growth, and improve bid quality.

    ProPricer's database architecture stores all estimates, formulas, and qualitative information related to developing cost proposals, ensures complete real-time visibility into all indirect and direct rates and allows manipulation of data to provide completely customizable cost breakdowns and roll-ups for government contract pricing.

    Added Functionality for Collaboration, Analysis, Management, and Decision Making

    Estimator - Cost and Estimating Software

    Exporting and importing are a thing of the past when you use Estimator with ProPricer Contractor Edition for government contract pricing. On-demand and all-inclusive, this tool brings the entire pricing team into the pricing process and allows for greater flexibility in every proposal project.

    Estimator allows functional groups to enter their cost estimates directly into a ProPricer proposal, or to be created in a ‘staging area’ for analysis before merging. It enhances collaboration by allowing communication directly in the application. It offers slice and dice data with improved access and security.

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    Management Console for Effective Data Management

    Visualize and organize your ProPricer proposal data through charts, graphs, and detailed pivot grids. Discover and analyze cost data to help make critical decisions and gain meaningful insight into your proposal. View, export, organize or print any cost elements from multiple proposals for easy analysis.

    ProPricer's Management Console offers users incredible flexibility to quickly and easily answer questions on how the proposal is progressing and create presentation slides in a snap. Break down complex data analytics for business support to make key business intelligence insights and decisions.

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    Government Contract Pricing Software Package Options

    ProPricer Contractor Edition is available in three versions: Enterprise, Essentials, and Express. Scroll down for a brief description of each version, click through for more details, or keep scrolling for a comparison chart to help you determine which government contract pricing software version is right for your firm.

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    ProPricer offers government contractors and agencies a FREE customized demo to help you easily access the best software in the industry. The ProPricer Technical Support team is here to support you through the implementation. Rest assured that the out-of-the-box capabilities are provided on a secure and compliant cloud environment.

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