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    Agile and Efficient Government Proposal Management Software

    Avoid unnecessary time spent by Government contracting personnel in creating electronic models. ProPricer Government Edition government proposal management software can eliminate the modeling process and facilitate constructive communications between the Government and the contractor during proposal evaluation, fact-finding, and negotiations.

    Our database architecture allows for the import of an instantaneously organized view of the proposal cost and pricing data—with the contractor’s fully-functional cost model intact and ready to use. Get to the objective position faster with the ability to modify proposal rates and estimates at the level of your choice, allowing you to compare multiple versions of the proposal to the original.

    Government Edition

    A Best Practice according to the DoD Sole
    Source Streamlining Toolbox.

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    Government Edition

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    Benefits of Government Proposal Management Software

    When both sides use ProPricer, the proposal process becomes streamlined. Using the same system helps eliminate confusion, meet proposal requirements, and sending data back and forth is seamless.

    Consistent Analysis
    Analyze pricing from the top-down, then zoom in on individual cost estimates. Summarize, sort and report on pricing by CLIN, WBS, or any user-defined field. Drill-down on any cost element to see the rationale behind each estimate.

    With ProPricer, compare proposals submitted from different customers to determine which one meets the requirements set forth in the RFP in the most appropriate manner. Normalizing the different price model elements, resources, and summary fields allows for apple to apple comparison when running the project-specific reports.

    Efficient Audits
    With the database structure, reviewing resource estimates, BoE text, and complete build-up data attached to each cost element has never been easier. Auditors can easily find and understand the rationale behind quotes by using ProPricer’s reporting capabilities.

    Streamlined Negotiations
    Negotiated Positions can be updated in real time, eliminating the need for re-work and verification of the changes, saving everyone involved valuable time.

    Choose from dozens of common reports or design your own to present just the data required. Run comparison reports to view objective and negotiation positions against the contractor’s original proposal.

    Cost and Resource Reduction
    With the ability to import any size cost proposal in seconds, teams have more time for analysis and proposal throughput.

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    Data Sheet

    Government Edition Brochure

    A high-level overview of the key capabilities and features Government Edition provides.

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    Case Study

    Federal Agency Case Study

    "Contractors have such complex burden algorithms. So, for us to try and recreate that, well, we were usually wrong. With ProPricer, we immediately saw the improvements."

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    "When searching for the best pricing software solution for your company, there are many considerations to take into account in order to make the right decision."

    Reference Guide

    Contractor Edition to Government Edition Reference Guide

    "A common platform used by Contractors to standardize and expedite the cost modeling process and facilitate constructive data submittal to the Government. One data package from submittal, during proposal evaluation, tech-evaluation, through negotiations and cost briefing documentation."

    • Data View
    • Reporting
    • What-Ifs
    • Comparison Project
    • Database

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