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    Upcoming ProPricer New Releases and Features

    ProPricer began as a way to resolve an ongoing challenge in the field. Today, our new and long-time customers keep us grounded in their biggest challenges and opportunities, which drives the development of ProPricer new releases and features.

    That’s why the upcoming features listed here are always changing. Meeting your needs is what we’re most proud of and fuels our natural pursuit of innovation. If you have ideas, requests, or suggestions for ProPricer new releases and features, we'd love to hear them!

    To share your thoughts with us, log in to the ProPricer Support Portal. Once logged in, you can also cast your vote for upcoming product features.

    The Complete List of ProPricer New Releases and Product Updates

    This page will keep you up to date on our plans for future releases. Check back regularly to find out what's next and when you can upgrade to add ProPricer new releases and features.

    Take a look at what ProPricer has been up to and all of the new features available.

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    ProPricer v9.5 Build 101


    ProPricer ServerConfig

    The ProPricer installation process includes a new server configuration tool called ProPricer ServerConfig. It can quickly validate a selected SSL certificate, and automatically complete a single-endpoint configuration. To learn how to use ProPricer ServerConfig, go to the ProPricer Installation Guide.

    BOE Pro source support

    The following changes improve the integration of BOE Pro with ProPricer Contractor Edition:

    • Task View and Summary View have a new column for showing the name of the BOE that is the source of the created item.
    • The Audit Report indicates when data from BOE Pro has been modified in Contractor Edition.

    Assembly/Part Name Template system setting

    A new system-level setting called Assembly/Part Name Template uses variables to determine how materials are automatically named and uniquely identified in the global material libraries. After an assembly or part name is created, you can still edit it to fit your needs.

    Using the variable [Part Number] will automatically create names that include part numbers. If the template also has your own material fields as variables, like [Plant Code], the field values entered for items will appear with their names. Using material fields in the template lets you have multiple items with the same part number, as long as each item has a different combination of material field values.

    Look up cost source by part number

    In Material View, the Cost Source lookup lets you find cost sources for materials by name or part number. Looking up by part number shows all purchase orders, quotes, etc. for the items that have the same part number combined with different material field values.

    Consolidate material unit costs by part number

    A new setting called Consolidate Material By lets you consolidate by the part name or number. It’s available at the system level, and it can be set differently for a specific proposal during the consolidation setup.

    Consolidating by the part number is useful when the Assembly/Part Name Template system setting contains the variable [Part Number] along with variables for material fields. In this case, you could have multiple items with the same part number and different material field values. The consolidation process will ignore the material fields, and only consider the part number.

    Proposal-specific material information

    In a proposal, you can edit part and assembly information without affecting the material libraries. Running the unit cost consolidation process or the update material process in the proposal will replace the changes with the library information. The most advantageous aspect of this enhancement is the ability to create a fully indented bill of materials structure directly in a proposal.

    Associated costs for material cost sources

    Assemblies and parts can have associated costs for individual quotes, purchase orders, etc. Now you can enter those costs at the material level or the cost source level. If a source has associated costs and you select it for a part or assembly in a proposal, the source’s associated costs are applied to it.

    Unit of measure conversion

    ProPricer can convert dimensions of material parts from one measurement to another according to standard conversion factors. This allows easy comparison between cost sources that measure materials differently. While entering information for a part, you can select a unit of measure for it in the UM column.

    Azure AD login compatibility

    Users can access ProPricer with an Azure Active Directory login instead of a ProPricer or Windows login.

    Copy field values down to lower BOM levels

    While setting up a bill of materials, you can quickly copy material field values or resource field values from a parent item to all of its children. This eliminates repeated data entry for each child. In the Material Input grid of Material View or Task View, right-click an item > Fill Down, then select what to copy.

    ProPricer auto-reconnect

    If a user gets disconnected from their ProPricer session, the session will remain active on the server for five minutes, allowing the client to automatically reconnect without interruption. Additionally, when a disconnection occurs, the message that appears now indicates one of three possible causes: connection loss, server shut down, or disconnected by system administrator.

    To lengthen or shorten the five-minute reconnect timeout period, go to your ProPricer installation directory, and edit EBS.ProPricer.Client.config.json and ProPricerServer.config.json. In these configuration files, change the ReconnectTimeout value from 300 seconds to the desired length of time. It is recommended that both files have the same value.

    Display labor hours in the 15-2 Line Item Summary Report

    In this report, the Reference Text Input options let you display labor hours along with the cost elements.

    Material Field Editing what-if

    The new Field Editing (material) feature is similar to the existing what-ifs for editing task fields or resource fields in a proposal. It lets you change material field values for parts and assemblies throughout a proposal quickly and accurately.

    Shortcut to the ProPricer Import/Export Tool

    A new button on the External Data ribbon provides a shortcut for opening the ProPricer Import/Export Tool.

    Summary fields for materials

    Summary fields appear for parts and assemblies in a proposal. You can now sort, filter, or distribute materials by any summary field, not just by task name.

    Removed all 9.3 versions from archives up to 9.3.106

    The archive process no longer allows creating proposal archives for any 9.3 version of ProPricer.

    Days function in Material Unit Cost calculation

    In a proposal’s unit cost formula, you can use the function Days(EndDate, StartDate) to get the number of days between two dates entered in user-defined material fields. For example, if the date material fields are named Start and End, the function would be Days([End], [Start]).

    Total Definition algorithm elements in Report Designer

    The fields you can add to a report layout in Report Designer now include all of the Total Definition elements in a proposal’s algorithm. In previous versions of ProPricer, only Total Fee Element and Total Price Element were available Report Designer fields.


    Download Full Release Notes

    ProPricer BOE Pro

    3.5. 101.2

    Only compatible with version 9.5 of ProPricer Contractor Edition Enterprise


    New features and enhancements


    • Automatically update formulas

      After syncing a proposal with the latest estimates from ProPricer Contractor Edition, BOE formulas update automatically with a factor that reflects the percentage of change. For example, if a resource's amount of hours decreased by 10%, then the formula for that estimate multiplies by 0.90 to produce the correct result.

      Test the Email Configuration settings

      In the Email Configuration settings, a new Test button lets you check your configuration by sending a test email to a specified address.

      Disable predictive text

      In the system-level and proposal-level settings, a new Predictive Text slider lets you enable or disable predictive text in BOE sections. To set this function for all proposals, go to System Settings. To set it differently in a proposal, go to the proposal's Estimates settings.

      Unlock a proposal while submitting or syncing

      Since a proposal must be unlocked before submitting it or syncing its data, the Submit and Sync processes now recognize a locked proposal and prompt you to unlock it. To do this, your role needs the Lock/Unlock Proposals permission.

      Improved user account setup

      The Add User process is redesigned for simplicity and fewer clicks. After clicking Add User, you can choose a login type from a dropdown menu in the New User window. The remaining settings automatically change according to the type selected. Additionally, the ProPricer login type has been renamed to BOE Pro.

      Lock icon in BOE View

      To prevent confusion in BOE View, the Lock icon  only appears next to a PBS element that is locked. If an element is unlocked, there is no icon instead of a differently colored icon.


    • In Windows Command Prompt, an incorrect error message no longer appears after attempting to set up a non-BOE Pro database with the addsysadmin or upgrade commands.
    • Submitting, archiving, and deleting proposals works correctly when the PBS has large SOW file attachments.
    • An error no longer prevents CER tables and CER factor tables from being assigned in a proposal's Integration settings.
    • An error no longer prevents a task with conflicted data from being copied to the same PBS element.
    • Many other fixes were made to improve the following:
      • Adding ProPricer CE proposals
      • BOE View
      • BOE activity feed notifications
      • CER View
      • Connecting to ProPricer CE from the Proposal dashboard
      • Exported data formatting
      • External resource fields
      • Proposal archiving and restoring
      • Proposal auditing
      • Role permissions
      • Validating estimates from ProPricer CE
      • Workflow email notifications

    ProPricer Contractor Edition - Essentials

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    This multi-tenant cloud-hosted web product is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Compatible with ProPricer Contractor and Government Editions, it adds cost-breakdown reporting capabilities with formula-rich excel outputs.

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    ProPricer Companion Products Enhancements

    Active Directory User Sync 

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101 
    • Azure Active Directory Support (Q3 2023) 

    Cash Flow Pro 

    • Product MVP 
    • NPV and IRR Calculations (Q4 2023) 
    • Other Enhancements (Q4 2023) 

    Database Optimization Tool 

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101 

    Management Console 

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101 

    Connect For Office 

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101 

    Integration Pro 

    • UI Enhancements  
    • PostgreSQL Support 
    • Additional Import and Export items 
    • Support for Deltek Cost Point Phase 1 (Q4 2023) 

    GSA Import Travel Tool Enhancements 

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101 

    Import/Export Tool 

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101 
    • Import Time Scale (Q3 2023) 
    • Import Access Tags (Q3 2023) 
    • Support for ProPricer Web Versions (Q4 2023) 
    • Export Only Items Used in the Proposal (Q4 2023) 
    • Import Workflow Associated Users (Q4 2023) 

    Connect for Web 

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101 
    • SOW, BOE, and Notes Texts for display, retrieve or edit/add data (Q3 2023) 
    • Single Call to return all the P-Sheet Data for a proposal (Q3 2023) 
    • Authenticated with Windows/Azure Auth (Q3 2023) 


    All ProPricer New Releases and Products Coming Soon



    BOE Solution to standardize the approval process that ensures the narrative supports the proposal data

    • RAM – Responsibility Assignment Matrix View – Proposal Kick-off
    • Flexible templates that contain Custom Sections, Calculations, and Estimates areas
    • View and monitor the status and responsible parties of all BOEs in the proposal


    Cash Flow Pro Reporting Tool for fast, accurate cash flow data right from ProPricer

    • Integration with ProPricer proposal data and reports
    • Proposal-specific income data (milestones, tax, depreciation, and capitol)
    • Flexible income definitions and reporting for a variety of cash flow types


    Cost Volume Pro

    • Store and access all the Cost Volumes in one place
    • Incorporate different types of data into a single document with the click of a button (Images, word, PDF files, etc.)
    • Incorporate ProPricer data right into each volume to avoid manual document updating

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