Upcoming ProPricer New Releases and Features

    ProPricer began as a way to resolve an ongoing challenge in the field. Today, our new and long-time customers keep us grounded in their biggest challenges and opportunities, which drives the development of ProPricer new releases and features.

    That’s why the upcoming features listed here are always changing. Meeting your needs is what we’re most proud of and fuels our natural pursuit of innovation. If you have ideas, requests, or suggestions for ProPricer new releases and features, we'd love to hear them!

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    The Complete List of ProPricer New Releases and Product Updates

    This page will keep you up to date on our plans for future releases. Check back regularly to find out what's next and when you can upgrade to add ProPricer new releases and features.

    Take a look at what ProPricer has been up to and all of the new features available.

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    ProPricer v9.5 Build 100


    Integration with BOE Pro

    ProPricer 9.5 works with our new web-based estimating software called BOE Pro. After a proposal is
    approved in BOE Pro, it can be seamlessly restored in ProPricer 9.5. Once the estimates and their
    justification are reviewed, the proposal can be archived and sent back to a BOE Pro user if needed.

    Update proposals from a template

    After reconfiguring proposal CERs and resource field mappings in a proposal template, you can apply
    those updates on-demand to any proposal. There’s no need to repeatedly make the same changes in
    each proposal one by one.

    Move items to a different folder

    Items that are saved in a folder, such as proposals or rate tables, can be moved to another folder all at
    once or individually with a new right-click option. After choosing the items, right-click them and select
    Move to Folder.

    Fewer resource field values in proposal archives

    When archiving a proposal that has resource fields, only the resource field values used in the proposal
    will be included. Any created values that have not been used will be excluded from the .zip archive file.


    Summary fields in algorithm IF statements

    IF statements in a pricing algorithm can now be based on summary fields and their values. This allows
    task-level pricing switches in a proposal by simply selecting a specific summary field value for a task.

    Copy Task Data and Flex/Shift combined

    The Copy Task Data process now incorporates the Flex/Shift what-if, since these two features often go
    hand in hand. In the settings for the copy process, you can use Flex/Shift to adjust the period of
    performance start and end dates.

    Comparison CER Data Report

    This new comparison report is based on the existing CER Data Report. Instead of printing CER data for
    a single proposal, the new report shows side-by-side CER data for multiple proposals.

    Copy selected data from a task

    While entering new estimates in tasks, the Add Copy From process will help you quickly copy a row of
    data from another proposal. If a parent row is copied from hierarchical data, like the bill of materials
    structure, all rows within it will also be copied. Not only does this save data entry time, but it also keeps
    your global data untouched and intact.


    .NET 6 upgrade

    ProPricer has been upgraded to .NET 6, allowing the application server to be installed remotely, and
    providing better integration with our current and future web-based products. The ProPricer installer
    includes all the required components, so pre-installing .NET Framework 4.8 is no longer a system


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    ProPricer Contractor Edition - Essentials

    For Smaller Pricing Teams - Learn More

    This multi-tenant cloud-hosted web product is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Compatible with ProPricer Contractor and Government Editions, it adds cost-breakdown reporting capabilities with formula-rich excel outputs.

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    ProPricer EstimatorFlex

    Quick Add Travel Information

    Use the Quick Add function for trips, trip distributions, and discrete trip distributions in proposals. This lets you add multiple sets of travel data in one go, and you can paste all your data into the Quick Add form.

    Default Resource Alias

    Go to Administration > Resource Alias to set up the naming of resource aliases in all your proposals. Whenever a resource is added to a proposal, EstimatorFLEX will automatically name it. Depending on your system settings, you can allow the default alias to be modified, or you can make it required.

    Location Setting for Proposals

    A new proposal setting is available on the Properties tab to help you organize everything by location. In your list of proposals, you can then group, sort, or filter using the Location column.

    Windows Authentication Support for ProPricer CE Enterprise Logins

    If you use Windows Authentication to log into CE Enterprise, you can now connect to your data server from EstimatorFLEX with your Windows Authentication login.

    Performance Improvements

    The latest ProPricer new releases maximize the processes for importing, restoring, and archiving proposals using bulk operations for importing data into a database table. They also improve the stored procedure for copying proposals to make the copy process much faster.

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    ProPricer Companion Products Enhancements

    Active Directory User Sync

    • Exciting new features and enhancements will be coming to the Active Directory User Sync in the 4th quarter of 2022, including support for Azure Active Directory.

    Database Optimization Tool

    • A new navigation pane and sets of data called configurations can now be used to select specific items you want to remove. These configurations can be reused on multiple databases and the cleaning processes can be run on a schedule with Windows Task Schedule or Windows Powershell.
    • Any unused material cost sources—including purchase orders, quotes, and miscellaneous sources—can be removed from a ProPricer database.

    Management Console

    • You can now select Consolidated by Resource in the Advanced Export feature as an export level. This organizes your exported data by resource.

    Connect for Excel and Connect for Word

    Exciting new features and enhancements will be coming to Connect for Word and Connect for Excel in 2023, including the ability to insert ProPricer reports.

    Database Integration Tool

    • Rate table selections now allow you to filter the rate tables that are included in an import or export process.
    • Additional data can now be included in a data mapping for import and export. This includes any values that have been discretely entered, CER tables, CER factor tables, users, roles, and small business codes.

    GSA Import Travel Tool Enhancements

    Exciting new GSA Travel Import features and enhancements will be coming in the 4th quarter of 2022, including the ability to import time-phased travel rates and international travel rates.

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    All ProPricer New Releases and Products Coming Soon



    BOE Solution to standardize the approval process that ensures the narrative supports the proposal data

    • RAM – Responsibility Assignment Matrix View – Proposal Kick-off
    • Flexible templates that contain Custom Sections, Calculations, and Estimates areas
    • View and monitor the status and responsible parties of all BOEs in the proposal


    Cashflow Reporting Tool for fast, accurate cash flow data right from ProPricer

    • Integration with ProPricer proposal data and reports
    • Proposal-specific income data (milestones, tax, depreciation, and capitol)
    • Flexible income definitions and reporting for a variety of cash flow types


    Cost Volume Generator

    • Store and access all the Cost Volumes in one place
    • Incorporate different types of data into a single document with the click of a button (Images, word, PDF files, etc.)
    • Incorporate ProPricer data right into each volume to avoid manual document updating

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