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    Upcoming ProPricer New Releases and Features

    ProPricer began as a way to resolve an ongoing challenge in the field. Today, our new and long-time customers keep us grounded in their biggest challenges and opportunities, which drives the development of ProPricer new releases and features.

    That’s why the upcoming features listed here are always changing. Meeting your needs is what we’re most proud of and fuels our natural pursuit of innovation. If you have ideas, requests, or suggestions for ProPricer new releases and features, we'd love to hear them!

    To share your thoughts with us, log in to the ProPricer Support Portal. Once logged in, you can also cast your vote for upcoming product features.

    The Complete List of ProPricer New Releases and Product Updates

    This page will keep you up to date on our plans for future releases. Check back regularly to find out what's next and when you can upgrade to add ProPricer new releases and features.

    Take a look at what ProPricer has been up to and all of the new features available.

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    ProPricer v9.5 Build 103


    AutoProtect Material Edits setting 

    Introduces an AutoProtect feature to proposal-specific materials that treats any edited parts and assemblies as actuals, like the way the AutoProtect Trip Edits setting works. To use the new AutoProtect Material Edits setting, go to Proposal Properties > Material > Pricing. 

    Timephased base unit cost for cost source materials 

    Enables timephased base unit cost calculations (monthly or annual) for miscellaneous or long-term agreement (LTA) parts and assemblies. To set up material pricing by month or year in the Parts or Assemblies Libraries, click a cost source tab and go to the new Timephased Base Unit Cost grid. 

    Cost Level setting added to Prepare for Government 

    Adds a setting to select the cost level when archiving a proposal in Contractor Edition with the Prepare for Government feature. This is the same setting that is already available in Government Edition with the Prepare for Contractor feature. 

    Right-click material consolidation in Task View 

    Allows quickly consolidating materials in a single task in Task View. Click the Material tab, right-click a task in the Material Input grid > Consolidate > Selected Materials. 

    Default Slope Percentage for Volume Adjustment setting 

    Allows changing the Volume Adjustment default slope percentage from 100% to a different percentage. To use the new Default Slope Percentage for Volume Adjustment setting, go to System Options > Material. 

    Months Expired column for material cost sources 

    Shows the number of months since a quote, purchase order, or miscellaneous cost source has expired, if applicable. The new column appears in the Material Input grid of Material View and Task View. 

    Scheduled Rate ID and Discount columns for material associated costs 

    Adds the abilities to apply a scheduled rate and discount to labor resources in associated costs. The new columns appear in the Associated Costs grid of Material View and Task View. 

    Source Type column for CER bases 

    Adds the primary ability to exclude or include resources that stem from other CERs. A different source type besides CER can be selected as well. The new column appears in the Bases grid of CER tables. The column options are: (Any), CER, Direct, Formula, Material, Resource Set, and Travel. 

    Resource field mapping and creation with Microsoft Project 

    Adds the ability to map Microsoft Project fields to existing ProPricer resource fields when importing from Project. If you map to a resource field that doesn’t exist, ProPricer creates it automatically during the import. 

    Comparison Algorithm Report 

    Allows comparing the details of two or more algorithms and highlighting their differences in a report. 

    Comparison of proposals with different algorithms 

    Allows comparing proposals with different algorithms in reports. After selecting the proposals to compare in the Comparison Proposals report option, the algorithm names now appear in a separate column. You can click the ellipsis button next to an algorithm name to map elements from one algorithm to another. 

    Replicate changes in similar materials 

    Adds the ability to replicate changes made to a part or assembly’s details in a proposal. After modifying a material’s cost source or quantity, for example, you can replicate your changes to all materials with the same identifier in the proposal. Go to Material View or Task View, right-click an item in the Material Input grid > Replicate Material Changes. 

    Database connection on Login window 

    Displays the database connection name on the ProPricer Login window, and allows you to quickly open a file explorer and switch connections. 

    Hours Decimal Places setting in the Summary Cost Breakdown Report 

    Adds the Hours Decimal Places setting that is available in other reports to the Summary Cost Breakdown Report. 

    Row count in the Cost Source lookup 

    Adds a row count function in the Cost Source lookup that shows how many cost sources are available for a part or assembly in a proposal. The amount is displayed at the bottom of the lookup that appears for values in the Cost Source column. 

    Maximum material field limit increased to 100 

    Increases the maximum number of material fields allowed in ProPricer from 20 to 100. 

    More unit of measure options for materials 

    Adds the following options in the UM column of the Material Input grid: Fluid Ounces, Cubic Foot, Nanogram, Megaton, and Gigaton. 

    Material field versatility for consolidation rule sets 

    Allows using comparison operators in front of numeric or date material field values in consolidation rule sets. Now a rule can be based on a time frame before or after a specified date, or on a number less than or greater than a specified value. You can enter the following operators with a numeric or date material field value: 

    • <> Not equal to 
    • < Less than/Before 
    • <= Less than/Before or Equal to 
    • > Greater than/After 
    • >= Greater than/After or Equal to 

    Example: > 1/1/24 would mean after January 1, 2024. 

    ServerConfig settings 

    Adds the following settings in ServerConfig: 

    • Keep Alive Interval (sec) determines how often a signal is sent to the server to maintain a connection. The length of time is entered as a number of seconds. 
    • Remote Inactivity Timeout (sec) determines how long inactivity can last before a connection closes. The length of time is entered as a number of seconds. 

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    ProPricer BOE Pro


    What's New

  March 22, 2024

    Compatible with version 9.5.103 of ProPricer Contractor Edition Enterprise



    User interface improvements

    • The hover menu has been redesigned to provide a better experience throughout the application.
    • Various areas now show proper loading or busy feedback to indicate that a process is running.
    • ProPricer Contractor Edition Enterprise rate table assignments and related tooltips have been improved.
    • Record counters have been added on many screens.

    Validate database version at log in

    The authorization server prevents logging in when the database hasn't been upgraded. This improves security and prevents potential errors.

    Import process optimization

    The import process has been optimized using BulkInsert actions, resulting in faster and more efficient data imports.

    Leave Feedback button

    A new Leave Feedback button has been added to the BOE Pro Help website. Use the button to reach the feedback portal where you can easily provide suggestions and ideas about BOE Pro features.


    Tech debt

    Process improvements for Quick Adds

    The error message for Quick Adds indicates that a long-running process is occurring and suggests waiting until it completes.


    Change ValueObject to new class record

    The custom ValueObject class has been replaced with the new C# record class, resulting in improved performance.


    Optimized user interface requests to the back end

    Unnecessary requests from the user interface to the back end have been reduced, improving efficiency. The UI now refreshes only if there are actual changes, such as updates to the task list.


    Remove old style BOE text code

    Legacy code has been removed, eliminating unneeded tables, columns, classes, helpers, and integration tests. This improves code cleanliness and reduces technical debt.



    • The option to create a proposal with a duration only has been removed because it is rarely used. Now proposals must be created with period of performance start and end dates. The default PoP dates are the current month.


    3.5. 103.0: January 22, 2024

    Compatible with version 9.5.103 of ProPricer Contractor Edition Enterprise


    New features and enhancements

    Compatibility with ProPricer Contractor Edition Enterprise version

    BOE Pro is now compatible with the latest version of ProPricer CE.

    Receive sent email notifications

    Adds a system-level Email Configuration setting called Receive sent email notifications. Enabling the setting ensures users receive the emails that are sent automatically after they perform an action, such as advancing a Workflow step or renaming a proposal. The setting applies to all Workflow-related actions, and all actions that appear in the System activity feed.

    Preview a BOE section

    Adds a Preview Text button above the grid on the Estimates page. Clicking it shows the BOE text for a selected PBS element or task in read-only format.

    ProPricer Contractor Edition - Essentials


    For Smaller Pricing Teams - Learn More

    This multi-tenant cloud-hosted web product is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. Compatible with ProPricer Contractor and Government Editions, it adds cost-breakdown reporting capabilities with formula-rich excel outputs.

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    ProPricer Companion Products Enhancements


    ProPricer Companion Products Enhancements 

    Active Directory User Sync  

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.101  

    Cash Flow Pro  

    • Product MVP  
    • NPV and IRR Calculations and Graphs 
    • Negative Cash Rate 

    Database Optimization Tool  

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.103  

    Management Console  

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.103  

    Connect For Office  

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.103  

    Integration Pro  

    • Support for Deltek Cost Point  
    • Import/Export from Excel files 

    GSA Import Travel Tool Enhancements  

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.103  

    Import/Export Tool  

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.103  
    • Import/Export Workflow Associated Users 
    • Import/Export Task Workflow items 
    • "Update" option for Material Import  

    Connect for Web  

    • Update for support of ProPricer 9.5.103  
    • SOW, BOE, and Notes Texts for display, retrieve, or edit/add data  
    • Proposal Name/Version Methods 
    • Proposal Selection Methods 


    All ProPricer New Releases and Products Coming Soon



    Cash Flow Pro Reporting Tool for fast, accurate cash flow data right from ProPricer:

    • Integration with ProPricer proposal data and reports.
    • Proposal-specific income data (milestones, tax, depreciation, and capitol).
    • Flexible income definitions and reporting for a variety of cash flow types.


    Integrate between ProPricer and Deltek Costpoint using Integration Pro:

    • Establish Costpoint integration without the need for any programming or code changes.
    • Securely transfer data between Costpoint and ProPricer at any time.
    • Achieve precise data targeting by mapping ProPricer and Costpoint fields to each other.



    Cost Volume Pro

    • Store and access all the Cost Volumes in one place
    • Incorporate different types of data into a single document with the click of a button (Images, word, PDF files, etc.)
    • Incorporate ProPricer data right into each volume to avoid manual document updating

    To see any of these new products before their official release, request a demo today.

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