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    All Data in One System

    ProPricer software is a single home for all your proposals. It gives your team quick access to review, reuse, and report on current and historical pricing data.

    ProPricer's database architecture stores all estimates, formulas, and qualitative information related to developing cost proposals. This ensures complete real-time visibility into all indirect and direct rates and allows data manipulation to provide customizable cost breakdowns and roll-ups.


    Estimating and Pricing Processes Work Better Together

    A database pricing system that allows for one-to-many relationships for rates, tables, and library data. Update any input, and the data will instantly populate throughout the entire system.

    Government and Industry Work Better Together

    If timelines slip, changing and reviewing for either side is no longer a burden. Simply shift the performance period of a project or task and rest assured that the numbers populate accurately proposal-wide. Formula validation is no longer needed, and the updated numbers can be checked and reviewed in minutes.

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    Drastic government contract policy and procurement changes have occurred over recent years. If your business sells, manufactures, or offers professional services to the Federal Government, let’s start a conversation on how ProPricer can help you.

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