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    Government Contractor Reporting

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    Proposal Cost and Pricing Data at Your Fingertips

    Reporting is critical for many reasons, from your own critical decision-making process to RFP requirement compliance. It just shouldn’t be as hard as it can be with stand-alone spreadsheets and homegrown systems.

    ProPricer RFP cost and pricing software makes government contractor reporting easier, faster, more consistent, and more accurate.

    • Choose from dozens of built-in cost and pricing reports or custom-build your own.
    • Batch commonly used reports for maximum time savings.
    • Generate over 1,000 pages of accurate, preformatted government contractor reporting in an instant.

    ProPricer Reporting

    Government contractor reporting helps you make data-driven decisions, and present the data to support your price.

    Government-Friendly Cost and Pricing Reports

    • Generate government contractor reporting outputs compliant with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), DFARS, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), and any other requirement.
    • Print signature-ready government reports, such as DD Form 1547, with proposal data automatically inserted.
    • Export fully functional, formula-rich cost models to Microsoft Word or Excel.
    • Run the Detail Cost Breakdown Report to show the breakdown of cost elements by phase, year, quarter, month, or summary basis.

    Detail Cost Breakdown Report

    Proposal Rate Buildup Report

    Proposal Rate Buildup Report

    • Export the hourly direct and indirect costs for any of a proposal’s resources.
    • Quickly report on an average rate, or show those costs based on monthly, quarterly, or annual values.

    Comparison Reports

    • Compare cost elements between multiple proposals on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis.
    • Perform quick what-if analysis by comparing multiple project scenarios.
    • Choose from built-in Comparison Reports or build your own government contractor reporting.

    Comparison Reports

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