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Why Pricing Federal Bids with Spreadsheets is Risky Business

Posted Jan 29, 2019  by  PROPRICER Team

A Better Way to Price and Analyze Cost Proposals for Federal Contracts

If you’ve prepared a response to a government RFP, you are aware of the struggles that come with the process. Developing and managing cost volume proposals can be long and tedious; however it is an absolute necessity to the company’s lifeblood. Estimating and pricing teams must work together to ensure that the company wins the business, ultimately helping to stay in business.

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How to Improve Your Proposal Process

Posted Jun 29, 2018  by  PROPRICER Team

Many contractors lower their chances of winning government contracts because they fail to follow a repeatably successful proposal development process; even when they win a contract, they wonder if it was worth the time and effort they put into the sales stage.

To optimize your proposal process, remove the mystery from it by focusing on three key areas: team roles and responsibilities; compliance; and time savings.

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Always Follow a Proposal Process Checklist

Posted Jun 11, 2018  by  PROPRICER Team

Developing government pricing proposals requires extensive work due to the data and reporting requirements. You may feel ready to face your prospect when you gather your cost data, but we recommend nailing down your proposal process using a checklist.

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A Quick Checklist for Your Government Pricing Proposals

Posted May 17, 2018  by  PROPRICER Team

The Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Tech, and Logistics provides contractors and their subcontractors with a “Proposal Adequacy Checklist,” a handy tool for ensuring you submit your pricing proposals, well … adequately.

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4 Tips to Limit Excel Errors in Your Proposal Pricing

Posted Apr 10, 2017  by  PROPRICER Team

If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
- Abraham Maslow

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7 Signs Your Homegrown Pricing Tool is Holding You Back

Posted Mar 24, 2017  by  PROPRICER Team

Computerized spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel are great for quickly and accurately manipulating large amounts of numerical data. Embedding such spreadsheets with formulas that reflect a company's costing methodologies can allow an enterprise to rapidly generate pricing figures for the business proposals and RFP responses they need to secure new customers. However, as a business grows, such "homegrown" pricing tools often become problematic. When this happens, a new solution much be found.

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4 Things to Know About Government Contracting Proposals

Posted Dec 21, 2016  by  PROPRICER Team

There might be some 26.5 million businesses in the U.S. -- 99.7% of which are businesses with fewer than 500 employees -- but how many of these can manage to win government contracts, do you think?

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How to Create the Most Effective Proposal for Your Business

Posted Oct 20, 2016  by  PROPRICER Team

When responding to a Request For Proposal (RFP), it's essential you pay close attention to your business proposal format. Submitting your proposal in the required format can mean the difference between winning a contract and failing an otherwise ideal bid.

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Four Rules to Live by When Pursuing Government Contracts

Posted Oct 13, 2016  by  PROPRICER Team

Did you know that, according to Entrepreneur, the federal government awards contracts worth $500 billion every year? You might also not know that the law requires the government to send at least 23% of these contracts -- nearly one in four -- to small businesses, a category which the vast majority of businesses falls under. In fact, of the some 26.5 million U.S. businesses, a staggering 95% have less than 500 employees, qualifying them as a small business, according to the Small Business Administration.

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3 Benefits PROPRICER's Proposal Pricing Software Can Bring to Your Business

Posted Sep 29, 2016  by  PROPRICER Team

Because the government inherently creates no real products or services themselves, they must constantly procure things they need from one of the millions of businesses in the United States. The way businesses do this is by bidding on government contracts by submitting a proposal in response to an RFP.

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