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Government Contract Pricing Blog


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Recent Posts

Determining Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Posted May 8, 2020  by  PROPRICER

Determining a fair and reasonable price is the government’s overall pricing objective. Throughout the FAR, guidelines are available to help contracting officers when awarding contracts. Learning how to support this determination not only allows the award to proceed efficiently, but also with economical assurance.  

Let’s discuss the highlights and guidelines that ensure a successful contract review.

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The Limitations of Excel for Government Contract Pricing

Posted Apr 16, 2020  by  PROPRICER

Convenience, versatility, and perceived effectiveness make many people believe that spreadsheets can be used for anything. While Excel can be useful for many projects, the truth is, spreadsheets are not the most effective tools to create, manage, and analyze cost proposals. The inability to quickly import inputs, perform analysis, make changes, and create reports are among the biggest challenges organizations face in using spreadsheet applications as their primary proposal pricing tool.

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What to Expect: Negotiating Contract Pricing with the DoD

Posted Apr 6, 2020  by  PROPRICER

Experienced negotiators know: preparation is critical to your efforts in forming a win-win deal. It might seem like a no-brainer, but lack of preparation is all too common on both sides of federal contract negotiations.

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How to (and Why) Build a Productive Relationship with DCAA

Posted Mar 30, 2020  by  PROPRICER

When you interface with DCAA, you are developing a relationship that will last years beyond the current proposal audit. The type of relationship you forge can yield good results, or can cause difficulties that can be challenging to overcome.  

Here are some suggestions for building a productive relationship with DCAA:

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Why We Created the Government Contract Pricing Summit

Posted Feb 18, 2020  by  PROPRICER

In the world of government contracting, there seems to be an abundance of conferences, trade shows, and webinars on a variety of subjects and disciplines. More often than not, these events cater to both industry and government agencies and the focus of them can be fairly narrow or extremely broad in nature.

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New PROPRICER Case Study: Scientific Applications & Research Associates

Posted Jan 6, 2020  by  PROPRICER

Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA), Inc., was formed in 1989 to provide engineers and scientists an agile and flexible work environment to help create specialized technologies and innovations. SARA prides itself on being able to provide state-of-the art technology at small business rates. 

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New White Paper: Streamlining Price Determination

Posted Dec 17, 2019  by  PROPRICER

Regardless of the product or service government is acquiring, and regardless of the acquisition method, pricing is and always will be an essential element in the buying process. No legal contract can occur without the establishment of a price. And in the larger sense, pricing determination matters not only to an agency’s contracting operation, but also to the programs that set the requirements for each acquisition and are ultimately responsible for taxpayer dollars. The challenge for government is not getting the lowest price, but rather, getting the right price.

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The Top 5 Reasons Referring PROPRICER Government Edition Benefits You

Posted Sep 2, 2019  by  PROPRICER

The process of developing, managing, and analyzing costs proposals can be long and tedious. Any recommendations to help ease and streamline this process (especially from pricing partners that understand the world of government contracting) is normally met with open arms.

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Contractors are in the Best Position to Improve Federal Pricing. Here’s How:

Posted Apr 18, 2019  by  PROPRICER

The following content by PROPRICER originally appeared on Federal News Network.

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How Pricing Could Work “in a perfect world,” and How to Make it Happen

Posted Mar 19, 2019  by  PROPRICER

The following content by PROPRICER originally appeared on Federal News Network.

When agencies look to upgrade their business processes, the first thing they tend to do is turn to Silicon Valley, to artificial intelligence, to blockchain, and any number of other emerging technologies.

So why are their pricing units still using Excel when better commercial off-the-shelf technologies exist to support their mission?

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