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    Write Right: 10 Tips to Improve Your BOE Narrative Skills

    Your ability to craft compelling and persuasive Basis of Estimate (BOE) narratives can make all the difference in winning government contracts. The BOE is a crucial component of the contract proposal process, providing a detailed breakdown of estimated costs and justifications. If you’re serious about winning, you’ll need to master the art of writing persuasive BOE narratives. 

    Drawing inspiration from the thought-provoking style of best-selling author and sociologist Malcolm Gladwell, this blog reveals our top 10 tips for creating compelling, persuasive BOE narratives, accompanied by illustrative examples.


    1. Start with a captivating anecdote

    Gladwell's works often begin with captivating narratives that engage readers from the first sentence. Try to grab evaluators by starting with a compelling story or anecdote that sets the stage for your proposal. Let's consider a fictitious scenario for constructing a new bridge.

    Example: "Imagine standing at the precipice of two cities separated by a formidable river, their potential intertwined yet hindered. Our story begins with the bustling communities of Riverdale and Bridgetown, two towns yearning for connectivity and growth. This BOE narrative unveils our vision to bridge the divide, metaphorically and physically, with our cost-effective and innovative construction solutions."

    Another example: “Just three years ago, a complex ransomware attack threatened a government agency's infrastructure. A team of technology consultants worked tirelessly to mitigate the risk, but hope slipped away as the hours rolled by. Then came the breakthrough: the team discovered a novel solution that neutralized the threat and prevented the loss of sensitive data. That team was our team. That solution is now our flagship offering—and our commitment to protecting our clients is forever ingrained in our DNA.”


    2. Include vivid descriptions 

    Gladwell uses vivid descriptions to transport readers into the heart of the story. Apply this principle to your BOE narrative by using detailed and evocative language to describe the project's objectives, methodologies, and anticipated outcomes.

    Example: “Our construction methodology blends human expertise with cutting-edge technology. We propose to create a symphony of steel and concrete that dances across the river. We will meticulously orchestrate every rivet, every beam, and every joint to ensure structural integrity, maximize longevity, and minimize environmental impact.”

    3. Harness the power of details 

    Use specific details to paint a clear picture of your accomplishments. This approach can help you establish credibility and engage the evaluators for a truly persuasive BOE narrative. Consider the following example:

    “Our seasoned engineers used proprietary equipment to conduct more than 200 penetration tests on the system. They simulated sophisticated cyber attacks modeled after the SolarWinds and Equifax breaches. These tests helped us identify vulnerabilities and devise proactive measures to safeguard critical data. This is how we can now ensure uninterrupted operations for our clients.”


    4. Incorporate data and statistics  

    Gladwell often weaves data and statistics seamlessly into his narratives to reinforce his arguments. Include persuasive data and statistics in your BOE narrative to support your cost estimates and demonstrate your understanding of the project's intricacies.

    Example: “Through comprehensive market research, we have identified 19 distinct cost-saving opportunities that will enable us to reduce material expenses by 15.2% compared to industry averages. By harnessing innovative construction techniques, we anticipate completing the bridge 43 workdays ahead of schedule, saving your agency an estimated $1.07 million in labor costs.”

    Another example: “In a previous contract with the Department of Homeland Security, our solution reduced response time to cyber threats by 41%, significantly improving system resilience. Additionally, we achieved a 99.999% uptime rate, ensuring uninterrupted services for critical infrastructure.” 


    5. Highlight expertise 

    Gladwell often emphasizes the importance of experience in his storytelling. To produce more persuasive BOE narratives, showcase your organization's relevant track record to instill confidence in the evaluators.

    Example: “Our team has successfully executed complex infrastructure projects for more than two decades. Many of our team members have remained with our firm for that entire period. Our portfolio includes the iconic State Street Bridge, Beckwith Highway, and Greenway Tunnel. These landmarks have stood the test of time, seamlessly integrating with the urban fabric while surpassing quality standards. We will bring the same level of craftsmanship and project management excellence to your project.”


    6. Establish subject-matter authority 

    Highlight your organization’s subject-matter expertise by providing concrete evidence of your team's qualifications and achievements. For example:

    “Our team comprises six cybersecurity professionals, each of whom has earned industry certifications such as CISSP, CISA, and Security+ to demonstrate their extensive experience in defending against emerging threats. Over the past decade, we have successfully executed projects for government agencies such as the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Arizona Department of Education, earning accolades for our innovative approaches and best-in-class solutions.” 


    7. Address potential challenges and mitigation strategies

    Gladwell doesn’t sidestep problems or let them get him down. He skillfully acknowledges and addresses potential challenges in his narratives, presenting them as obstacles to overcome. You should identify potential challenges in your BOE narrative and outline mitigation strategies demonstrating your proactive risk management approach.

    Example: “We recognize the environmental sensitivities surrounding the river and its ecosystems. We will mitigate any potential impact through our partnership with leading environmental experts. Working together, we will develop a comprehensive mitigation plan that minimizes disturbance to aquatic habitats, migratory patterns, and water quality. Our plan exceeds regulatory requirements and reflects our commitment to sustainability.”

    Another example: “We recognize that government agencies prioritize data security and compliance. Your agency can be confident that our solutions adhere to stringent industry standards, including ISO 27001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Our dedicated compliance experts implement all security measures rigorously, mitigating any data breaches or non-compliance risks.”


    8. Demonstrate cost-effectiveness 

    The primary purpose of BOE tables is to estimate project costs accurately. But you can also gain a compelling advantage by using the narrative that complements your tables to showcase your ability to deliver cost-effective solutions.

    Example: “We have a track record of delivering projects within budget. We maintain strategic partnerships with key technology vendors. These factors enable us to negotiate favorable pricing for critical components. We consistently deliver high-quality results.


    9. Emphasize risk management strategies

    Government agencies are inherently risk-averse. That’s why addressing potential risks is essential as part of a persuasive BOE narrative. Clearly outline your risk management strategies and demonstrate how your firm will minimize risk to ensure a successful project.

    Example: “Our robust risk assessment framework identifies potential risks and their exact impact on project outcomes. By implementing proactive mitigation measures—such as regular security audits and contingency planning—we eliminate most disruptions and maintain project timelines, even in challenging circumstances.”


    10. Highlight collaboration and partnerships

    Want to demonstrate your firm’s ability to work effectively with government agencies and other stakeholders? Mention your partnerships and collaborations:

    “Our collaborative approach is at the heart of our organizational culture. We maintain strong partnerships with leading academic institutions, industry experts, and government agencies, fostering an ecosystem of knowledge sharing and innovation. The collective expertise of these strategic partners complements our own, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.”


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    Emulate the master 

    In the competitive world of government contracting, persuasive BOE narratives are invaluable tools for securing contracts. By injecting Malcolm Gladwell’s principles of storytelling and persuasion into your writing, you can enhance the impact of your BOE narratives and increase your chances of success.

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