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    ProPricer introduces BOE Pro for government contractors

    ProPricer announces the launch of BOE Pro, a contracting software solution serving federal contractors bidding on large-dollar supply contracts. BOE Pro enables faster, more accurate BOE documentation processes to ensure that BOE narratives are correctly reflected throughout all the cost and pricing revisions throughout the proposal process.

    The Basis of Estimate is an organized collection of narrative data that explains scope of work, encompassing methods, rationale, assumptions, and cost and price calculations within a government Request for Proposal (RFP). Government agencies use BOE to determine a prospective client's performance ability. BOE Pro streamlines the data process, automating and syncing estimating and editorial actions as data shifts.

    "With BOE Pro, we are meeting the demands of government contracting pricing professionals," said Michael Weaver, Director of Corporate Strategy. "We've incorporated a 'Responsibility Assignment Matrix' function that allows users to create the proposal and structure during the proposal kick-off meeting and divvy up areas of responsibility to individuals and groups during that initial meeting. As a result, all estimating and subject matter teams will have a complete understanding of their area of work, which can be customized to reflect only what they are required to complete. The addition of BOE Pro to our current line of software solutions is the start of an exciting journey to introduce estimating and pricing professionals to our software while adding significant value to our current ProPricer subscribers."

    For all ProPricer subscribers who already use the company's flagship software solution, ProPricer Contractor Edition, BOE Pro adds significant value to the proposal writing process. Estimators, Engineers, SMEs, Estimating Managers, and Pricing Managers will be able to track and match data to the text in BOEs with all the changes and challenges that come up during the proposal build. 

    "BOE Pro adds significant functionality to the EstimatorFLEX product, and for the first time, allows subject matter experts to populate BOE templates identical in look and feel to their existing documents and spreadsheets," said Nik Slepushkin, Director of Product. "A completely new User Interface has been designed to streamline the BOE and estimating processes. In addition to the look and feel changes, several major feature additions will augment the estimating process for an organization and reduce non-productive time during the review and population phases of a proposal effort." 

    Key Benefits

    • Create custom BOE templates, value lists, and dropdowns.
    • Automatically create Resource Hour/Unit/Cost inputs in ProPricer format, saving significant time in conversion.
    • Includes a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
    • Integrates seamlessly with ProPricer Contractor Edition.

    Pricing and Availability

    BOE Pro is available for subscription beginning January 23, 2023. ProPricer has a distinguished history of turning customers' needs into product features and enhancements that benefit current and future users through its full line of proposal pricing solutions for businesses of all growth stages and contract types. Learn more about BOE Pro here: https://www.propricer.com/solutions/basis-of-estimate


    About ProPricer

    ProPricer is software that maximizes efficiency and accuracy in the development, submission, evaluation, negotiation, and audit of proposal pricing. From storing historical proposal data to easily generating a broad range of reports, ProPricer empowers government contractors to build custom proposals, perform what-if analyses, and integrate all proposal data quickly and easily—within one platform.

    Founded in 1984, ProPricer is trusted by organizations worldwide, including the top 10 US defense contractors. ProPricer is a trademark of Executive Business Services, Inc. (EBS). Visit us at www.propricer.com to learn more.

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