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    Leading GovCon Industry Software Provider Unveils Plans to Transform GovCon BOE Management

    ProPricer, the leading proposal pricing solution for government contractors and federal agencies, today announced plans to launch its new BOE software – BOE Pro. This estimating innovation creates versatile cost and writing templates, helping to boost the accuracy of both estimating tables and their complementary text throughout a proposal. 

    ProPricer is familiar with the functional needs across the industries we serve, and we have been meeting those needs in various ways since our inception. Nikolai Slepushkin, Director of Product Management, stated, “We have listened and heard our customers’ frustration dealing with ad-hoc spreadsheets, homegrown systems, and siloed data. By leveraging BOE Pro’s functionality, customers can seamlessly harmonize their BOE-related functions in a single solution, ensuring the integrity of their estimates.” 

    Government contractors of all sizes continue to seek business value by integrating disparate systems to behave and support business processes in an optimized and unified way. This January that ends. 

    BOE Pro includes a holistic BOE view, a BOE list, and a Responsibility Assignment Matrix that helps users stay on top of who is responsible for pricing data and its proposal narrative. The platform drives the estimating change-order process forward through a comprehensive, systematic approach. 

     BOE Pro by ProPricer allows users to: 

    • Streamline and standardize the estimating and BOE writing processes 
    • Integrate pricing, assuring that BOEs always reflect the latest data changes 
    • Merge all data inputs 

    BOE Pro launches this January 2023. Learn more about the product, secure a live demo, and view application pricing tiers.  

    About ProPricer 

    ProPricer is software that maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of the development, submission, evaluation, negotiation, and auditing of proposal pricing. At ProPricer, we are committed to ensuring the best possible resources are available to our customers. With everything we do, we believe in thinking differently and serving our customers well.   

    Founded in 1984, ProPricer is trusted by organizations worldwide, including the top 10 US defense contractors. The company thrives on transforming its customers’ needs into product features and enhancements that benefit all its current and future users.

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