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    Replay: How to BYOE


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    This webinar, hosted by Heather Teed and Jack Bland of EOP Consulting, will introduce a new approach for government contracting pricing professionals that aims at enhancing procurement opportunities. Attendees will learn: 

    • How to implement The Build Your Own Evidence (BYOE) mindset and strategically incorporate past projects or industry data to improve the accuracy and credibility of BOE estimates
    • How to shift the focus to BOEs earlier in the proposal process, reducing stress and increasing the chances of a higher win probability
    • How to carefully craft the BOE narrative to interact with every part of the proposal


    Heather Teed and Jack Bland of EOP Consulting are both experts in their field and have a proven track record of delivering significant cost savings and operational efficiencies for clients. They are well-respected in the industry, with certifications and memberships in professional associations. As veterans in the field, they deeply understand the trends associated with federal contracting and procurement, providing up-to-date and relevant information to government industry professionals. 


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