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    ProPricer + Deltek: A Winning Combination

    ProPricer is thrilled to announce we’ve just entered a strategic business partnership with Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise software and solutions for project-based businesses. It’s a win-win for customers of both companies. 

    ProPricer Contractor Edition recently joined Deltek Marketplace and will soon be available as a native integration with Deltek Costpoint, a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution; and with Deltek Cobra, an industry-leading cost and earned value management (EVM) solution. Contractor Edition can also embed within the integration of Costpoint and Cobra.

    For agencies, acquisition efficiencies can naturally increase with these solutions, as can compliance and digital transformation. For contractors, quality control can lift, as can overall project success.     

    Both contractors and agencies have already seen improvements in the proposal bid process with ProPricer. Deltek adds streamlined yet powerful pricing, ERP, and EVM processes, as the integrations allow all pre- and post-proposal work to be done in one holistic environment. 3


    How does ProPricer work with Costpoint?   


    Let’s say an aeronautical manufacturing contractor receives a helicopter fleet RFP from the DoD. The contractor conducts cost calculations and analyses through diverse business lenses, then calculates pricing estimates using ProPricer Contractor Edition integrated with Deltek Costpoint. 

    At this point, Costpoint’s ERP functionality takes over. It determines factors, such as the number of people needed during a specific time frame for a function like helicopter component quality analysis. The ERP function can also tally the total number of parts estimated so that procurement can begin material ordering, as well as tally the number of finished helicopters to be delivered during a specific time frame—all while complying with the technical and functional phases of proposal fulfillment.

    Centralizing the management of projects, people and finances, Costpoint enables our contractor to improve operational efficiency and gain real-time insights. An integrated cloud offering  secures storage of data and consistently enhances itself to meet the most up-to-date governmental and agency cybersecurity compliance standards. 1, 3


    How does ProPricer work with Cobra?  


    With Cobra’s industry-leading EVM capabilities, our fleet contractor can now easily populate baseline proposal data, establish cost accounts, and measure schedule and cost performance outcomes that help their proposal project succeed. With accurate cost reporting data across all program phases, the contracting team spends more time proactively managing project expenses and resources. And less time on back-and-forth with the DoD. 

    Contractor Edition and Cobra also help our contractor track budget versus actual spend on a contract, which is the EVM piece of the integration. In the interface, automated color bands pop up and call out metrics that need the contractor’s immediate attention.

    Plus, unlimited rate scenarios and top-down planning allow Cobra to enhance ProPricer’s what-if analyses and modeling cost impacts.

    Additional Cobra functionality is tied to proposal statistics, and is on view by ProPricer Government Edition once the contractor submits its initial helicopter fleet proposal. The integrated solution of Cobra and Government Edition determines value process management, which translates to “Where are we in terms of schedules and value to be delivered at any given point in those schedules?” There’s no more cutting and pasting of in-the-moment metrics by either contractor or agency to calculate status on any given day. It’s all done with a few clicks. This integration saves countless hours and errors.

    Better manage every phase of the proposal and resultant project lifecycle, including planning, execution, forecasting, change control, and reporting and analysis. 2, 3


    Try ProPricer on us. 

    Or, ready for ProPricer and Deltek? Contact us.


    Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of government proposal pricing development, submission, evaluation, negotiation, and auditing with ProPricer Contractor Edition. Try the Essentials edition of our platform completely free of charge for 30 days.  

    If you’re ready to take advantage of a ProPricer and Deltek integrated solution, contact ProPricer Sales at www.deltek.com/en/partners/propricer

    See just how winning our combined solutions can be for your business.


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