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Small businesses want easy-to-use technology that scales seamlessly as needs grow, enabling them to win new clients, manage project profitability and improve client satisfaction at every stage.

ProPricer is the industry-leading government proposal software that enables collaboration between the federal government and contractors of all sizes to streamline the proposal process during submission, negotiation, and award. ProPricer Essentials features a compliant cost and price database solution that gives visibility and structure into the cost proposal process, reduce IT costs and delivers quick value.

ProPricer Essentials helps you achieve performance that maximizes productivity and revenue, so you are ready for growth when growth is ready for you.

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Use the same system as your customers and vendors to simplify the proposal process.

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"We have so many different contract types, customers, and requirements. ProPricer is a significant time-saver regardless of the proposal size or complexity."

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Manage Proposal Velocity
Increase the volume of proposals that can be produced with the time savings available. No longer search for formula errors, enjoy rate transparency, and rapid analysis abilities.

Improve Productivity
Identify areas of improvement before they occur and enhance communication across the pricing team.

Standardize Your Processes
In ProPricer's live pricing environment, users can work simultaneously from any location, viewing real-time data as proposals are developed by permissions-controlled users.


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ProPricer Essentials offers government contractors of all sizes an easy way to access ProPricer. The ProPricer Technical Support team is here to support you through implementation. Rest assured that the out-of-the-box capabilities are provided on a secure and compliant cloud environment.

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