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    Double Down on ProPricer’s New Add-On Trio Before Prices Go Up

    As the calendar hones in on the close of this fiscal year, you have a golden opportunity to bolster your Q4 spend by investing in cutting-edge tools that offer both immediate and long-term benefits. 

    We all know what happens to your quarterly budget if funds go unspent. So take advantage of FY2023 pricing before the new fiscal year is here. 

    Let's dive into why investing now in ProPricer's comprehensive companion suite to Contractor EditionBOE Pro, Cash Flow Pro, and Connect for Office—is a decision that will both save your budget and sharpen your competitive edge. 


    Fiscal year-end spending: A two-fold strategy 

    You understand the art of making strategic expenditures before the fiscal year draws to a close. With unused budgets under scrutiny, making investments that prove their worth over time is imperative. ProPricer's advanced companion software suite goes beyond just solving imminent challenges. By boosting operational efficiencies and slashing proposal error rates, these tools more than justify their cost, offering long-term ROI you can't afford to ignore.


    DFARS compliance: streamlined processes, robust templates

    The ever-changing nature of DFAR guidelines makes compliance an ongoing challenge. ProPricer core products and add-ons help you stay ahead by offering real-time reporting and templates specifically designed to align with DFARS rules. Consider ProPricer, your automated compliance officer, who keeps you updated on the latest changes in regulations, helping you mitigate financial and reputational risks.


    Optimize cash management with Cash Flow Pro

    Think of Cash Flow Pro as an extension of your financial department. It offers comprehensive cash flow analysis, allowing you to assess the liquidity aspects of all your project proposals effectively. Cash Flow Pro takes into account diverse financial factors, such as milestones, withholding, and depreciation, to give you a precise cash flow forecast. Make data-driven pricing and planning decisions with actionable insights at your fingertips. 

    Cash Flow Pro eliminates time-consuming manual data entry and calculation processes. A few clicks are all it takes to generate visually appealing cash flow reports and graphs that you can export effortlessly to Excel. Tailor each report to fit the unique requirements of different stakeholders.


    Achieve transparency


    Cash Flow Pro also plays a pivotal role in ensuring you comply with government regulations. Systematic, auditable cash flow reporting lets you effortlessly demonstrate your financial data's integrity to both internal stakeholders and government agencies.


    Effortless proposal automation with BOE Pro 

    Creating proposals that meet government standards requires accuracy, speed, and efficiency. BOE Pro streamlines Basis of Estimate (BOE) documentation processes, ensuring that your BOE narrative accurately reflects both your cost and pricing table revisions throughout the proposal lifecycle. The tool even comes with a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), effectively distributing proposal tasks among your team members.


    Web-based upgrade for faster Office-based proposals: Connect for Office 

    We've significantly upgraded Connect for Office to web-based functionality, offering seamless integration with Microsoft Word and Excel. The add-on lets you pull data directly from your ProPricer database into Word or Excel documents, ensuring your proposals' accurate and up-to-date pricing information. Eliminate the manual effort of copying and pasting data, allowing your team to focus on strategy and creativity instead.


    Audit-ready: prepared for the inevitable

    ProPricer's suite ensures that your financial records are up-to-date and in line with the stringent standards required for government audits. The Audit-Ready Financials you create using ProPricer's suite of add-on tools will withstand the most rigorous scrutiny, assuring you and your government partners peace of mind.


    Beat the clock for a better pricing future 

    The fiscal year-end is fast approaching, and with it comes the looming price hike for the upcoming fiscal year. Don't wait. Now is the perfect time to invest in ProPricer's BOE Pro, Cash Flow Pro, and Connect for Office

    Don't let this once-in-a-fiscal-year opportunity to make a wise investment pass you by. Contact us now for a demo of this powerful trio of tools > 

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