ProPricer Announces their On-Demand Learning Center

    ProPricer, the leading proposal pricing solution for government contractors and federal agencies, is excited to announce the roll-out of our new, virtual training center, ProPricer University. This platform will provide a thorough, holistic, and systematic learning experience through on-demand training to enhance customer experience and familiarity with ProPricer. 

    With training budgets often the first cut and budgeted for last, inflexible training experiences and options leave employees feeling unprepared and unsupported. This sentiment can lead to lower employee satisfaction, impacting the bottom line. According to a study conducted at UC Berkley, onboarding employees is four times more expensive than retaining existing ones. Investing in training and employee development today, means improved retention, productivity, and profitability tomorrow. 

    "One of our goals at ProPricer is to serve our customers well. That's why we originally decided to work towards this training option; to enhance the customer experience and provide simple instruction that works best for everyone," said Estevan Mercado, Technical Support Manager. 

    ProPricer University will educate teams with lessons that are both hands-on and self-paced, making it easy to fit into any schedule. Additionally, the learning management system will provide strong foundational knowledge, ensuring all users are well supported through their learning journey. Key features of ProPricer University include: 

    • 30+ interactive learning modules 
    • Annual subscription at an affordable rate 
    • Easy sign up for you and your team 
    • Practical examples to prepare you for working with ProPricer 

    "ProPricer University will be a game-changer for us in how we communicate, train, and solve our customers’ issues. This training helps us deliver better customer service, and we're excited to see how this offering can make ProPricer an even more robust solution,” affirmed Michael Weaver, Director of Corporate Strategy. 

    ProPricer University launches on Monday, October 3, 2022. To learn about ProPricer University and program pricing tiers, click here

    About ProPricer 

    ProPricer is software that maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of the development, submission, evaluation, negotiation, and auditing of proposal pricing. At ProPricer, we are committed to ensuring the best possible resources are available to our customers. With everything we do, we believe in thinking differently and serving our customers well.   

    Founded in 1984, ProPricer is trusted by organizations worldwide, including the top 10 US defense contractors. The company thrives on transforming its customers’ needs into product features and enhancements that benefit all its current and future users. ProPricer is a trademark of Executive Business Services, Inc. (EBS). 

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