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    Unlock Your Contract Finance Potential: Announcing Cash Flow Pro

    When you’re competing for government contracts, agencies will want to know all about your team’s capabilities, but they’ll also scrutinize your firm’s finances. Agencies are always especially curious about how much cash flow your firm has, what form it’s in, and where it’s all coming from. To help you meet this demand for financial information and maintain a competitive edge, you need powerful contract financial reporting software that can streamline your financial disclosures and help your entire team make informed decisions. 

    That's exactly what Cash Flow Pro is designed to do. It’s a new plug-in that integrates seamlessly with ProPricer Contractor Edition to provide comprehensive cash flow analysis, streamline reporting processes, and optimize the financial performance of your government contracts' estimating and pricing sections. Let's explore how Cash Flow Pro delivers the fast, accurate cash flow data you need as you land the deals that can transform your business.


    Comprehensive cash flow analysis

    When you know exactly where your firm stands regarding cash flow, you can craft proposals while maintaining confidence that you’ll have the financial resources to deliver on what you promise. With Cash Flow Pro, you can accurately assess the cash flow implications of all your proposals. By considering factors such as milestones, payment lag days, withholding, and depreciation, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your cash flow projections. From there, you can make informed pricing, budgeting, and financial planning decisions while navigating the most complex contract landscapes.


    Streamlined reporting process

    Manual calculations and data entry during the proposal process can slow you down to the point that you’re in danger of missing deadlines. They also significantly increase the chances that your proposal will contain errors. Cash Flow Pro automatically lets you generate cash flow reports and graphs, saving you time and effort. With just a few clicks, you can generate comprehensive contract financial reporting that visually represents your financial situation. You can then export your reports seamlessly to Excel, making it easy to analyze and share your results with your team.


    Customizable reporting

    Your reporting needs can vary widely from one contract to the next. Cash Flow Pro helps you meet requirements by offering customizable reporting options. As you work to deliver the correct information to the right stakeholders, you can select the exact items to include in each report. This flexibility makes it easy to present accurate, insightful financial data supporting your decision-making processes.


    Accurate financial insights

    Gain a complete perspective on the true causes of every trend in your firm’s cash flow. With 

    Cash Flow Pro, you can use built-in financial parameters to perform precise analysis. You’ll develop a clear view of potential financial risks and cash flow bottlenecks, which will help you optimize your cash flow management to maximize project profitability. With accurate financial insights always available, you can confidently drive your business forward.


    Compliance and transparency

    Regulatory compliance efforts can add significant overhead to the proposal process as you work to maintain transparency with all stakeholders. The only shortcut is to use the right software to automate aspects of the process. Cash Flow Pro helps you stay in compliance with all relevant government regulations by providing systematic, auditable cash flow reporting. These reports help you demonstrate the accuracy and integrity of your financial data, instilling confidence in both your internal stakeholders and government agencies. 


    Enhanced decision-making

    You may have submitted the winning bid, but will this latest project improve your firm’s bottom line or strain your finances? With Cash Flow Pro, you can assess the financial viability of each proposal you deliver, evaluate the impact of your billing methods and milestones, and optimize your pricing strategies for greater profitability. Position your business for long-term success by identifying potential risks and opportunities.


    Integrates with Contractor Edition & Excel 

    Get greater value from the ProPricer and Microsoft solutions you’ve already purchased. Cash Flow Pro integrates seamlessly with other ProPricer software to enhance its functionality. It’s also compatible with commonly used spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, ensuring a smooth implementation and easy adoption across your organization.


    Contact us for a pre-demo call

    Unlock your full potential in the competitive government contracting industry by adding Cash Flow Pro to your ProPricer portfolio. With Cash Flow Pro, you can streamline your contract financial reporting processes, gain accurate insights, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Set up a pre-demo call now

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