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    ProPricer Announces Web-Based Upgrade to Connect for Office

    Preparing documents in response to government requests for proposal (RFPs) is a challenging task. Most government procurement processes are intricate and require a substantial amount of paperwork. Many RFPs have numerous requirements, instructions, and forms that you must follow precisely. And RFPs come with strict submission deadlines. Miss your deadline, and you’ll probably be disqualified from the project—even if yours was the strongest proposal.  

    Your proposal pricing software should help you navigate the RFP process by eliminating the biggest barriers to efficiency. One such barrier is the need to copy pricing data from your company’s database and paste it into Microsoft Office documents as you prepare your proposal. Thanks to a recent enhancement to ProPricer, your staff no longer has to waste time and effort on this task. 


    Build proposals more quickly with Connect for Office

    ProPricer has made a major web-based upgrade to our industry-leading Connect for Office solution. Connect for Office now lets you integrate directly with Microsoft Word and Excel. Through this integration, you can seamlessly pull data from your ProPricer database and incorporate it into the Word or Excel documents that you’re including in your proposals as you seek to win government contracts. 


    What Connect for Office delivers

    Connect for Office leverages the web to make ProPricer data more easily available to a wider audience within your organization. Although we’ve upgraded the look and feel of the solution, your end users won’t need any additional training to use it. 

    You can best understand the value of this upgrade by reading what Joe Shurance, founder and CEO of EBS, had to say about it: 

    “This is a great new update for ProPricer customers. Previously, this feature would have been installed locally on each user’s machine. Now, being a web-based product, the application is housed in a centralized location and each user’s Microsoft installation connects to that server and allows them access. Any approved ProPricer user will be able to access their pricing and cost data and integrate it into any of the documents that will be submitted with their proposal, improving efficiency and accuracy in the proposal process.” 


    With Connect for Office, your users can:

    • Automate document creation and updates. Your team can automatically populate tables with the most current pricing data. When data in the ProPricer database gets updated, so will the data in your Office documents. 
    • Ensure format accuracy by updating document templates. Save your changes to a document template and apply these changes across any document that’s based on that template. 
    • Eliminate the need for manual copying and pasting. Let your team spend more time on the many aspects of the proposal process that require insight and creativity. 
    • Reduce the risk of human error. By integrating directly with your source of pricing data, you virtually eliminate the possibility that your proposal will contain inaccurate or incomplete pricing data. 


    How to get started with Connect for Office 

    If you’re already a Connect for Office customer, you can start using this upgrade by simply adding the plug-in. Your firm will now only need one concurrent license for Connect for Office, rather than maintaining a separate license for each Microsoft product.

    Stay tuned for future upgrades to Connect for Office that will deliver PowerPoint, Project, and Outlook functionality. Learn more about ProPricer.

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