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    Tyonek Native Corporation

    ProPricer Helped Tyonek Get Amazing Bid Win Rates

    Tyonek Native Corporation (Tyonek) provides manufacturing and services to the U.S. Army and Navy and is continuously involved in multiple projects. Seven new facilities since 2004 allow the company to offer manufacturing and integration, test, and logistics for the Top 20 U.S. Defense Contractors that regularly seek Tyonek to fulfill contract requirements.


    Tyonek Native Corporation



    Tyonek Native Corporation



    Defense Engineering and Manufacturing


    Products Implemented

    Connect for Excel
    Connect for Word
    Contractor Edition


    Anchorage, Alaska

    Systems Replaced




    “ProPricer is especially beneficial during reviews, when agency reviewers ask about labor spreads or something like that, we can develop pivot tables and look at the information instantly in ProPricer.”

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    Before ProPricer, the company’s pricing team spent many late nights searching for clarifying and supplemental information. Often, the people involved were not Excel formula experts, or leaders wanted details about data points that even the most experienced Excel experts could not track down quickly – but since they started using ProPricer, management has not stumped them yet.

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