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    eBook, Shift Mindset: New Technologies in Government Contracting

    Innovative Approaches Disrupting
    the Contracting Business

    As Government Contracting has sprawled to become more competitive, it’s also become more equitable. Key players are not just traditional vendors anymore. Innovative roles are also in the game: Tech startups, gifted solopreneurs, and even the ultra-daring—those who pioneer thinking that challenges Agency protocol.

    Agencies Changing the Game

    Some of the most forward-thinking new Contracting models are coming from entities like the DoD, DHS, and the Air Force themselves. Think prototyping. Challenge-based contracts. And incremental technology rollouts that are more task-based than those couched within full contracts.

    What follows are the latest models, platforms, approaches, and learning methods that are disrupting the Government procurement process.

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