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    Webinar Replay: Service Contract Act Price Adjustment Issues at DHS


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    Jordan Parkes

    Procurement Analyst

    Department of Homeland Security, Oversight and Pricing Branch, Chief Procurement Office

    If you’re looking for ways to be more competitive and creative in your proposal, check your rates. Inputting rates into a proposal is one thing, validating the accuracy of them is essential to increasing profitability.

    This webinar provides an overview of Service Contract Labor Standards (SCLS) price adjustments under FAR 52.222-43 (formerly known as the Service Contract Act) and the emerging pricing issues faced by Department of Homeland Security in adjusting contracts for the impact of revised wage determinations.   Mr. Parkes presents some of the more complex pricing issues encountered by DHS in determining the appropriate amount to adjust fixed price and labor hour/time and material contracts for the impact in the change to a prevailing wage determination and/or collective bargaining agreement wage determination. The presentation includes examples of challenging price adjustment issues.

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