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    Rescue Your Research From Cybersecurity Threats

    Academia in government contracting is undergoing a profound transformation. Data is our new currency. Digital connectedness is our new scholarly society.  

    Rapid technology advancements have brought immense opportunities for collaboration with government agencies, as well as university students and professional staff. But they have also given rise to complex challenges, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity.  

    Breaches have become a pervasive threat, infiltrating both public and private sectors with devastating consequences. Academic institutions, hotbeds of intellectual pursuit, have become attractive targets for malicious actors seeking to exploit valuable research, personal data, intellectual property, or all of the above.  These attacks compromise academic institutions' integrity and pose a grave risk to national security and economic competitiveness. 

    As a government contractor in academia, you play a vital role in advancing research, innovation, and national defense through your collaborative efforts with agencies and potentially other research institutions. However, an increased emphasis on cybersecurity has introduced—or will soon present—unique challenges in your cost estimating and pricing processes during proposal submissions. 




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