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    Keep it Realistic: Tips for Developing Accurate Government Contract Estimates

    Whether you work in pricing for a government agency or a contracting firm, this paper provides essential cost estimating and analysis tips to help you do your job more accurately and efficiently.

    You’ll learn about best practices for creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), how to make the most out of Earned Value Management (EVM), and how to test the top four contractor methodologies. The paper focuses strongly on cost reasonableness throughout, keeping you fiscally conservative at every decision point.    

    Perhaps you’re focused on on streamlining costs for significant system acquisitions,  or maybe you’re aiming to win non-capital projects through competitive bids. No matter your angle, our guide contains advice to develop cost estimates that are grounded in reality. Don't let cost overruns become the norm. Instead, learn how to stay on budget and achieve your program goals by developing accurate cost estimates.

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