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    ProPricer Helpes IDEMIA reduce identity authentication
    proposal turnaround time from 5-8 days
    to 24 hours or less.

    Since its inception, IDEMIA’s mission has been to Unlock the World, Make It Safer, helping people access what matters most—more quickly, more safely, and more securely, in both the physical and digital worlds. IDEMIA’s best-in-class technology aids in authenticating and securing physical and digital transactions. Hundreds of governments and brands trust the identity security leader in more than 180 countries.








    Products Implemented

    Contractor Edition


    Reston, Virginia

    Systems Replaced





    “Overall, ProPricer has been a game-changer. The tool allowed us to overcome pricing challenges and achieve greater success in customer acquisition.”

    Andrew Bird
    Vice President of Position to Win


    IDEMIA has seen a 95% increase in pricing review automation. Consolidating data into one database is a significant advantage of ProPricer Contractor Edition for IDEMIA.

    It allows the company to maintain a single source of truth for pricing data and streamlines the proposal process. It leads directly to faster decisions based on more reliable data.

    IDEMIA has achieved significant results since implementing ProPricer Contractor Edition—particularly in shortening its pricing process. “One of the most notable
    improvements is the reduction in proposal turnaround time,” said Bird. “The timeframe has gone from five to eight days to just three to 24 hours.”

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