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    Raise DoD Proprosal Process Efficiencies by 50 Percent

    Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions Division, a longstanding leader in the defense industry, has earned its reputation as a trusted supplier of advanced technology solutions deployed in defense vehicles on land, in the air, and at sea. Curtiss-Wright has consistently played a pivotal role in the defense sector, focusing on delivering cutting-edge technology and optimization to enhance defense capabilities.

    Defense customers, particularly the Department of Defense (DoD), rely on Curtiss-Wright's extensive capabilities and exceptional track record, sealing its position as a crucial contributor to the nation's defense infrastructure.


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    “ProPricer delivers a 50% increase in speed to proposal. Your revisions will be reduced or will be zero when your proposal is submitted on time and is current, accurate, and complete. Therefore, your turnaround speed is amazing compared to manual proposal adjustment methods.” —Sarah Irby, Sr. Proposal Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    Sarah Irby
    Sr. Proposal Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions


    One of the most striking results observed by Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions was the substantial reduction in the time required to organize proposal documents. Irby highlighted that even for relatively straightforward proposals, the use of ProPricer slashed the time needed by half. "If something's going to normally take you 10 hours, it’s going to take you five with ProPricer," explains Irby.

    Enhanced speed and efficiency have led to a notable decrease in the turn-around-time for responding to any proposal or audit questions. This has ultimately led to an increase in time available to be spent on other tasks or projects.



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