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    Aerospace Supplier

    ProPricer Helped an Aerospace Company Streamline Their Process for Providing Price Estimates

    A major aerospace company with nearly 70 years of selling innovative products and services directly to the U.S. Government and other prime government contractors needed to streamline their process for providing price estimates. Each year, the company submits hundreds of complex proposals, such as for refurbishing the space shuttle or providing systems for Lockheed’s F-35 fighter project. With proposals ranging in value from a few million to several hundred million dollars and covering over 50 product lines and associated services, they can grow quite complex. As such, managing pricing data and streamlining the proposal submission process are core success drivers for the company.







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    "Our success depends on providing fast and accurate quotes,” stated the company’s price analyst. “The DCMA (Defense Contract Management Association) and prime government suppliers depend on that.”



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    The company is now building on its success with ProPricer to reduce the time it takes to consolidate bills of materials (BOMs). In their initial tests, they have reduced an 80-hour BOM consolidation project down to just 17 minutes.



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