PROPRICER is a government contract pricing platform designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy in the development, submission, evaluation, negotiation, and audit of proposal pricing where the highest level of documentation is required.

"The best tool I've seen in my 25 years of pricing experience!"

- Phil L., Pricing Analyst, L3 Technologies


PROPRICER enables contracting teams to develop, submit, and evaluate more proposals in less time. Learn how it works in this guide or request a demo to get a real-time walk-through.

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Key Benefits

Proposal and acquisition teams in industry and government alike count on PROPRICER for efficiency and accuracy in the buildup and analysis of cost and price.

Aggregate thoroughly documented resource estimates in a centralized location, and quickly apply proprietary pricing logic to unlimited project scenarios for comparison. Produce accurate pricing with justification your customers can easily understand.

  • Synchronize your supporting rates, travel, and material data automatically. Input cost and pricing data from cost estimating systems, your ERP database, project management software, and other back-end systems—even allow remote cost estimates and BOE entry with the Estimator companion product.
  • Store, re-use, and compare cost data, pricing logic, formulas, and qualitative information from historical proposals.
  • Standardize your proposal pricing environment and workflows using a central database with controlled access, default proposal and report information, and well-defined user roles.
  • Generate proposal cost and pricing reports that comply with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), DFARS, Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), and customer requirements. All reports are customizable, making it easy to submit documentation that accommodates virtually any new formatting or data mandates imposed by the U.S. Government or prime contractors.
  • Quickly run and compare complex what-if scenarios, and let PROPRICER keep track of your changes. Switch resource categories, increase or decrease estimates by percentages, shift the period of performance, or hit a targeted price, all according to your proposal pricing logic.
  • Create custom views of your proposals to analyze any level of detail.
  • Export summary or full pricing data as traceable spreadsheets, then use them to price your report data outside of PROPRICER. Share data with your project management, ERP, EVM, and other back-end systems for advanced pricing evaluation and auditing in PROPRICER.

Never reverse-engineer an offeror’s pricing model again. Instead, receive and import all proposal pricing data in the standard PROPRICER format. Everything you see is calculated by and exported from the contractor’s own internal estimating system, so there are no formulas to validate. Simply review the rates and pricing logic used.

  • Audit, analyze, summarize, and report on each proposal’s indirect rates and rate structure, resource cost estimates, Basis of Estimate (BOE) and Statement of Work (SOW), cost estimating relationships (CERs), and more. Organize the information you need to see by contract line item (CLIN), work breakdown structure (WBS) element, or any custom summary field.
  • Use an offeror’s built-in pricing logic to estimate the impact of alternate project scenarios.
  • Store proposed cost and pricing data for reference in future contract negotiations.
  • Develop accurate program objectives with the same advanced costing and pricing platform used by offerors to generate their proposals.


“Frankly, I don’t know where we’d be on a government audit without the documentation we get fast from PROPRICER.”
"The only way we're able to support that type of volume and meet all the customer requirement dates is with PROPRICER."
"We just bid another 13 ships in the time it would have taken us to bid 4 several years ago."
“I don't know if we're the fastest PROPRICER implementation ever, but that sure was fast.”
"PROPRICER made us aware of a problem we didn't even know we had."
“One of our contractors came to us and said, 'hey, we need this done in a quicker time frame and a quicker turnaround,' and then introduced us to PROPRICER.”
“We have so many different contract types, customers, and requirements. PROPRICER is a significant time-saver regardless of the proposal size or complexity." said Matt. "It’s so useful we use it on all of our bids.”

Benefits by Role

PROPRICER supports proposal pricing functions in industry and government—from estimating, pricing, and reporting to cost and price analysis, technical evaluation, and audits.

cost and pricing data

Simplify the estimating process by allowing functional groups to enter their cost estimates in proposals directly.

  • Save hours by avoiding duplicate data entry.
  • Connect the Basis of Estimate and Statement of Work to the estimates.
  • Run reports that show the estimates and supporting text at multiple levels.
  • Run what-if scenarios to instantly shift period of performance dates and factor resource estimates up or down.
  • View data at all levels using the Pivot Grid and Summary View.
  • Collaborate with other estimators, reviewers, and the proposal manager during the estimating process.

cost and pricing data

Ensure pricing compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA). Adhere to company policies and procedures for cost proposal preparation, review, submittal, revision, and negotiation.

  • Centralize all cost data in one place.
  • Analyze cost and price at any level of detail with flexible what-if scenarios and reporting capabilities.
  • Produce an unlimited number of cost proposals, without losing track of the latest version for each bid.
  • Eliminate manual data re-entry with standardized formats for your primes, subcontractors, and government agencies.

cost and pricing data

Decrease the time spent tracking down specific details and data points, and increase proposal throughput and accuracy.

  • Automate business processes with approval workflows.
  • Price securely with password-protected profiles that an administrator can monitor and instantly restrict.
  • Quickly identify where to make requested pricing adjustments with a wide range of reports.
  • Easily audit your library of proposals.

cost and pricing data

Gain visibility into your team’s cost and price outputs. Monitor the quality of submitted proposals, and manage your company’s solicitation strategy.

  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of management information by performing internal audits in minutes.
  • Easily review data for consistency, accuracy, and validity with different proposal views and functions.
  • Prepare statistical and narrative reports and briefings with a few clicks.

cost and pricing data

PROPRICER is based on a technology platform that is easy to deploy and use.

  • Receive dedicated service from our experienced Custom Applications team.
  • Connect to any back-end office system to integrate your materials, finance rates, travel information, and more.
  • Get PROPRICER up and running with flexible deployment options.



Extend PROPRICER's Capabilities

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Our one-time purchase price varies depending on the license count, and the annual maintenance fee is roughly 20% of the price.

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For over 35 years, the PROPRICER team at Executive Business Services has built powerful contract pricing software based primarily upon valued feedback from our customers. This customer-driven development process benefits both industry and government users, now and in the future.

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