Submit Your Cost Proposal to the Government in PROPRICER Format

More and more Federal Agency RFPs reference PROPRICER format for proposal cost data.

Just as competitive government contractors use PROPRICER to streamline their proposal pricing process, government agencies are now turning to PROPRICER Government Edition to standardize their proposal cost analysis efforts.

In these cases, submitting PROPRICER-formatted cost data creates a seamless and hassle-free experience for your potential customer.

Proposal teams who already use PROPRICER enjoy this advantage on a regular basis.

Don't have PROPRICER yet? We've got you covered!

What is PROPRICER Express?

PROPRICER Express is a feature-limited, 90-day trial version of our flagship Contractor Edition, and can be used to submit a cost proposal to the government in PROPRICER format.

PROPRICER Express users even have access to our world-class technical support to make sure you meet your submission deadline.

Get Started

Request access on this page, and a representative will contact you within one business day to help you download PROPRICER Express.

NOTE: As part of the license agreement, PROPRICER Express may only be used to respond to RFPs that allow cost proposal data to be submitted in PROPRICER format. Any use of this tool for cost proposal submissions other than this purpose is strictly prohibited.

We can help you learn, implement, and integrate PROPRICER.