PROPRICER™ Small Business Services Edition

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Top Features

  • Manipulate bill rates based on project circumstances
  • Cap annual indirect costs
  • Establish shift differentials
  • Define annual work schedules
  • Select a rate target and let PROPRICER crunch the numbers to reach the goal
  • Affordably priced for Certified Small Businesses

Small Business Proposal Pricing Software for Federal Staffing Contracts

PROPRICER Small Business Services Edition (SBS) gives certified small businesses the edge they need to price federal services contracts to win.

If you bid on staffing contracts for federal agencies (directly or indirectly through prime contractors), and need the ability to quickly create a multitude of scenarios to find the right pricer, PROPRICER SBS is for you.

PROPRICER SBS also includes many of the key features and capabilities found in PROPRICER Services Contractor Edition, tailored to the needs of companies who must “do more with less”.

Submit compliant, competitive and profitable proposals—in less time.

Creating and managing proposals, costs and rates can keep a small team of professionals very busy. With little time to waste, PROPRICER SBS replaces cumbersome and inflexible spreadsheets with an easy-to-use cost proposal system.

Whether your proposal is simple or complex, PROPRICER SBS organizes cost data and allows users to update and revise offers in minutes, and submit to your customer, all in one place.

Survive the audit.

PROPRICER SBS is compliant with FAR and DFAR business systems requirements and equipped with standard FAR reports. It reduces the need for users to spend countless hours auditing their own proposal templates, as well as provides a more transparent data set for primes and DCAA.

Configuration and Licensing

PROPRICER Small Business Services Edition is available to SBA-certified small business contractors as a stand-alone desktop installation, with a maximum of three licenses. For information on products for larger businesses, please see PROPRICER for Large Businesses.

Some of Our Small Business Customers

We can help you learn, implement, and integrate PROPRICER.