Services Contractor Edition

Government Service Contracts

This proposal pricing solution was specifically designed for contractors that bid on government services contracts. PROPRICER’s product development team has consulted with many of the top services contractors to create a software solution that meets the unique needs of government services contractors while improving accuracy, eliminating redundant efforts and allowing them to get more done in less time. Services Contractor Edition is an easy-to-learn, time-saving, collaborative software solution that replaces those hard to maintain, home-grown pricing tools and error-prone spreadsheets. If you have challenges with your current proposal pricing process, request a demo to learn how PROPRICER can help.

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Professional services contracts are expected to win big in the year ahead according to Bloomberg Government’s Top 20 Opportunities in Federal Contracting. Of the top 20 federal opportunities anticipated in 2017, professional services contracts are expected to lead with $142 billion of the projected $230 billion potential value.Land your share of the services contract market with PROPRICER’s all new Services Contractor Edition designed specifically for contractors bidding on government services contracts.

Key Product Features

  • Manipulate Rates. Determine a specific bill rate by changing any element’s rate or cost, as well as creating a blended rate for a labor category using multiple resources with weighting factors (monthly, quarterly or annual timescales).
  • Cap Annual Indirect Costs. Set annual ‘caps’ for specific indirect elements. PROPRICER™ will automatically stop calculating the indirect cost after it reaches the set capped amount.
  • Establish Shift Differentials. User-defined rate modifiers can accommodate for overtime, double time or different shift scenarios (uses multiplicative or additive logic, set by the user).
  • Define Annual Work Schedules. Create hours to FTE (heads) conversions based on a defined fiscal year, while accounting for PTO, holidays or other miscellaneous hours.
  • Select a Rate Target. Set a bill rate to an exact amount and let PROPRICER crunch the numbers and reduce or increase all of the fully burdened rate components’ costs to reach that goal.
  • Generate FAR Compliant Outputs. Plus pricing data can be exported to Excel while maintaining formula linking.
In addition to the above features, Services Contractor Edition includes many of the key features found in our flagship Contractor Edition, including: robust reporting capabilities (including pivot grids), allocations, CERs and learning curves. This just scratches the surface on what this powerful solution can bring to your proposal pricing team.Product Screen Shots


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