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Take a look at what ProPricer has been up to, and all of the new features available.

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ProPricer EstimatorFlex

New features

Admin-Only Role
A new role called Admin-only is available. This role gives users full access to the Administration features and read-only access to all other features. Users with this role can log in at any time, even when the maximum number of users are logged in.

Azure Active Directory User Accounts
User accounts can be created that allow Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users to log into EstimatorFLEX with their Azure AD credentials.



- Grids now have a variety of functions to help you work fast and efficiently. You can reorganize columns, sort and filter items, export data, and more.

EstimatorFLEX has been upgraded to DevExpress v.20.2.5 for compatibility with Microsoft Azure.

- Proposals inherit access tags from a proposal template. When a proposal is created from a proposal template, the proposal has the same access tags as the proposal template. Previously, the proposal would have the same access tags as the user creating it.

Download Full Release Notes Here

ProPricer v9.4 Build 101

9.4 101 Feature Overview Final



Assign Multiple Rate Modifiers to a Resource
Global resource fields can act as rate modifiers in proposals, allowing you to assign multiple rate modifiers to a single resource estimate. When this is done, the rate modifiers are applied consecutively.

This feature changes the setup of rate modifiers in algorithms and work schedule tables. In an algorithm, each rate modifier element must be linked to a resource field. Then the rate modifier values must be defined in a work schedule table. The resource field is the rate modifier category, and the values are
different modification options within that category.

Hours/Units/Cost Modifier
Increase or decrease hours/units/cost totals with your own formula expression and resource fields. If your proposal has a Productivity Factor resource field, for example, you can use it in the modifier.

To help you check how the modifier is affecting direct resource estimates in tasks, there is a new Input View option called Actual Hours/Units/Cost. It shows the totals automatically calculated by Propricer.

The existing Hours/Units/Cost option shows the unmodified hours/units/cost that you entered for resources.

Equipment/ODC Expense Library
Equipment/ODC items that will be allocated in proposals can now be managed as global data in the Equipment/ODC Expense Library. Along with this feature is the new Equipment/ODC Expense Library Report that prints the items in the library.

 - Multi-assign in Direct Rate Tables
 - Create Tasks in Resource View
 - Create Copies of Equipment/ODC Allocation Groups
 - Group Sorting in reports now uses the summary field’s sort order
 - Activities tab has the same right-click options as the Resources tab

Download Full Release Notes Here

ProPricer Companion Products Enhancements

Management Console

 - UI, Graphs, Export Updates

 - New Pivot Grid Layouts

 - Export Updates

 - Performance Enhancements

 - Proposal Change Warnings


Connect for Excel and Connect for Word

 - Detailed Travel Information


Database Integration Tool 

 - Application Settings Update

 - Import and Export Enhancements

 - Improved Error Details


GSA Import Travel Tool Enhancements

 -Additional Formula Functionality to Move Data

Download Full Release Notes Here.


ProPricer Contractor Edition - Essentials

 - Multi-tenant cloud-hosted web product

 - Ideal for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

 - Compatible with ProPricer Contractor and Government Editions

 - Cost-Breakdown Reporting Capabilities with Formula-Rich Excel Outputs

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