PROPRICER Management Console

PROPRICER Management Console is a standalone application that is fully integrated with your PROPRICER data and security. Simply point the application to the appropriate server and start analyzing your data. The console was designed to be a simple, intuitive proposal management software application that anyone can use without training.

PROPRICER Management Console provides a unique perspective for all of your proposals. Now you can visualize your proposals through charts, graphs, and detailed pivot grids. You can even deploy a comparison pivot grid against an unlimited number of proposals. These features provide a top level view of your entire proposal collection.

Data Views

Pivot Grid

  • Organize and view data for multiple proposals
  • Select only the elements you want to view
  • Highlight specific data to visualize in the graph
  • Display all data in an Excel like format

Comparison Pivot Grid

  • Compare as many pricing proposals as required against a single base proposal
  • Select the elements that you wish to compare
  • Highlight specific data to visualize in the graph
  • Export or Print the grid

Charts and Graphs

  • Display high-level cost or resource details across multiple proposals
  • Choose from a variety of pre-built graphs for ease-of-use
  • Modify the look and feel of the graph or chart
  • Print / Export all graphs