PROPRICER for Federal Agencies

Streamlined proposal evaluation for federal acquisitions.

Why Federal Agencies Love PROPRICER

"We do FAR-based contracts so it is very easy for us to use PROPRICER as our tool - we bring it in and we get to see how the contractors are putting the proposals together, and make sure they're compliant... we don't have to guess how they put their markups on, the algorithms they put into them... PROPRICER has been very good for us—the agency has seen huge reductions in resources and time to put [proposals] through."

Ben Lindholm
U.S. Department of Energy

PROPRICER Government Edition PROPRICER Government Edition

Here's how it works:

Never rebuild a contractor’s cost model again.

Receive cost and pricing data in a standardized format (whether or not the contractor already uses PROPRICER). Import the file for an instantly organized view—with the contractor’s fully-functional cost model intact and ready for your team to use. Easily check rates and pricing logic, analyze cost elements, and perform technical evaluations.


Analyze pricing from the top-down, then zoom in on individual cost estimates.

Summarize, sort and report on pricing by CLIN, WBS, or any user-defined field using. Drill-down on any cost element to see the rationale behind each estimate.

Evaluate the technical approach.

Review resource estimates, BoE text, and complete build-up data attached to each cost element. Technical evaluators can access the proposal from any location to speed along the process.


Make changes and analyze the results.

Modify discrete inputs at any summary level—including changes to bases and rates, factors, and CERs—and instantly see the overall cost impact on the proposal.

Review and Share Your Revised Positions.

Choose from dozens of common reports, or design your own to present just the data required. Run comparison reports to view objective and negotiation positions against the contractor’s original proposal. Send your changes back to the contractor.


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