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Top Government Contractors Use PROPRICER™
Use the same pricing solution that the top players in government contracting have chosen as their answer to mission-critical cost proposal preparation.
Proven proposal pricing solutions
The Industry Leader For Over 25 Years
After decades of innovative responses to pricing challenges, PROPRICER™ continues to lead the way with cutting-edge proposal pricing solutions.
contractor to government cost proposal solution
The Procurement Solution for Contractors, Government and Small Business
Standardize both sides of the process with PROPRICER's CE and GE software products. The only seamless contractor-to-government cost proposal solution on the market today!
PROPRICER CE Software for Government Contractors
Contractor Edition
For Government Contractors

PROPRICER Cost Proposal Software is Accurate, FAR-Compliant Proposals Accurate, FAR-Compliant Proposals

PROPRICER Cost Proposal Software does What-if Analysis "What-if" Analysis

PROPRICER Cost Proposal Software has Custom Report Designer Custom Report Designer

PROPRICER Cost Proposal Software has Customer Data Exchange Seamless Customer Data Exchange

PROPRICER GE Source Selection Software for Federal Agencies
Government Edition
For Federal Agencies

PROPRICER SB is a fast powerful pricing software for Small Business Receive Contractor Cost Data

PROPRICER pricing software Perform Cost Data Analysis Perform Cost Data Analysis

PROPRICER pricing software Create Most Probable Cost Create Most Probable Cost

PROPRICER pricing software has Custom Briefing Reports Custom Briefing Reports

PROPRICER SB pricing solution for Small Business
Small Business Edition
For Small Business Contractors

PROPRICER SB is a fast powerful pricing software for Small Business Fast, Powerful Pricing Tool

PROPRICER pricing software is user friendly User Friendly Data Input

PROPRICER pricing software has standard reports Standard Reports

PROPRICER pricing software uploads data to primes Upload Data to Primes

Proposal Pricing and Cost Analysis Solutions for Government Contracting

The process for generating and evaluating cost proposals for federal contracts is a complex one that includes Estimating, Pricing, Procurement, Contracts, and Program Management teams. Contractors and federal agencies from around the globe are increasing productivity and overcoming complex proposal challenges by implementing PROPRICERâ„¢ into their mission-critical procurement process. At its core, this process entails functional groups and proposal teams securely inputting, reviewing, analyzing, and submitting cost proposal data seamlessly to their government customers.

PROPRICERâ„¢ serves a wide variety of industries from Federal Agencies to Aerospace & Defense to Healthcare, and can support simple to extremely complex proposal requirements. Designed for federal government contracting, this sophisticated and feature-rich application suite is what the top industry players use to generate their winning bids. With a full line of products that improve the speed, accuracy, and exchangeability of cost proposal data, PROPRICERâ„¢ is leading the way in streamlining cost proposal creation, submission, and contract awards.