What is the Submittal Tool?

More and more, government agencies are seeing the value of implementing PROPRICER™ GE as their cost proposal evaluation solution. The use of PROPRICER™ GE, in conjunction with industry-leading PROPRICER™ CE for government contractors, creates an efficient and seamless end-to-end solution for the procurement process. Because of this, RFPs are beginning to require cost proposal data to be submitted in PROPRICER™ format. The reason is simple. Why would government procurement analysts recreate cost proposal data to evaluate when there is a seamless way to submit and review proposals with PROPRICER™? If you need to submit PROPRICER™ formatted proposal cost data in response to an RFP while your company is evaluating the many benefits of PROPRICER™, we have created a submittal tool for that use, free of charge. EBS also provides technical support as a free service to those companies wishing to use this tool.  

Download the Submittal Tool

Please fill out the required Product Registration form below in order to download the tool. You will be sent a verification email after you have submitted your registration. Simply click the link provided to gain access to the product download page. NOTE: As part of the license agreement, this proposal submittal tool may only be used to respond to RFPs that require cost proposal data to be submitted in PROPRICER™ format. Any use of this tool for cost proposal submissions other than this purpose is strictly prohibited.  

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