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Services Contractor Edition

The industry-leading solution specifically for service contractors. This edition improves bid efficiency, access to real-time pricing all while supporting your compliance and security needs.

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Made for firms of any size, ProPricer's database architecture stores all estimates, formulas, and qualitative information related to developing cost proposals, ensures complete real-time visibility into all indirect and direct rates, and allows manipulation of data to provide completely customizable cost breakdowns and roll-ups.

Service Contractor

Live Pricing: see updated data in real-time! Make real-time
decisions based on up-to-date proposal information.

Service Contractor

Seamlessly share data your ProPricer data by
integrating with Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

Service Contractor

Get the latest tips and news for pricing
professionals working with the federal government.



Indirect Caps

Shift Differentials

Work Schedules

Rate Target

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The ProPricer database stores and captures every piece of cost data. This one to many relationship allows users to develop, set rates once, and start pricing on any amount of proposals, of any size.

All users are given a password protected profile which can be monitored by an administrator and restricted instantly.

ProPricer eases the tension of government audits. Run a quick Audit Report to avoid any missing or overridden data that may lead to inaccurate pricing results. The Export Full Pricing Report creates an Excel file that contains the pricing data needed to be reviewed or audited in seconds, all while meeting the requirements of your customer.

Access Tags
Add an additional layer of security to your data. Quickly control which items are visible to a common group of users by creating and assigning these tags.

ProPricer "What-If" capabilities, to fine-tune cost proposal data easily. With a few mouse clicks, switch resource categories, cut estimates by percentages, or arrive at a desired target price.

Using rates cards, adjust the rates as needed, and blend labor categories in multiple test iterations of the same proposal.

With Rate Modifiers and Caps, easily create detailed prices based on shifts worked and how the pay changes and limit the charges for items like Health and Welfare, FICA, and FUTA/SUTA. Enter negotiations knowing that formulas and pricing logic are locked down, resulting in less questions and more time to focus on non-pricing issues.

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Data Sheet

Services Contractor Edition Brochure

A high-level overview at the key capabilities and features Services Contractor Edition provides.

Case Study

Defense Manufacturer & Services Provider

"PROPRICER made us aware of a problem we didn't even know we had."


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Software evaluation and selection can be a challenging process. The following checklist is designed to help in the evaluation process.

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