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    Webinar Replay: Understanding DoD's Transaction Authorities


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    Diane M. Sidebottom, Senior Policy Advisor, DARPA

    Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs) are a great way to showcase your talent and skills in the rapid development of new technologies with the federal government. However, OTAs are not treated the same as some of the proposals you may have worked on. Rules on who can apply and how the deliverables are provided may seem daunting without proper know-how. If you're not sure how (and most importantly when) to use OTAs to your advantage, you run the risk of losing out on opportunities that will help your company grow.

    In this webinar, Diane Sidebottom, Senior Policy Advisor in the Contracts Management Office (CMO) of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will discuss the historical background and current application of the DoD Other Transaction Authorities.

    Expand your knowledge on:

    • The motivation and need within the DoD for a flexible award instrument, such as an OTA.
    • Similarities and differences between the types of OTAs and when they should be used.
    • Common questions and issues that may arise when an OTA is negotiated.

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