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    Replay: Top Gov Con Successful Practices & Strategies


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    Marsha Lindquist, Granite Leadership Strategies.

    If price is so important, then you must make it a top priority.
    Strategic pricing practices are a progression of the route you take to get from the genesis of an opportunity to the end game of contract award and performance. Each time, every time, using the same steps.
    Everything you touch on in government contracting strategic pricing is a tool – all important strategies for you to examine with each proposal. In developing your winning price strategy, use all that you have available to complete the total package called winning price.

    In this webinar, you will:

    • Discover the top practices and processes that you can use with every proposal to achieve repeatable wins.
    • Find out the best pricing strategies that you may have forgotten about or have never used.
    • Learn why pricing is so important earlier in the process than your executives think it is.

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