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Case Study: Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA) | PROPRICER

Proposal Pricing Platform an Easy Sell to Upper Management

A Contracts Manager at SARA had been familiar with the benefits of PROPRICER for a while, but was hesitant to pitch the idea of investing in a dedicated proposal pricing system.

“I would find myself spending immense amounts of time making sure the data we gave our prime and the data we gave to the government matched, when I knew in PROPRICER the same thing could be done in minutes.” 

However, once the team saw the many benefits PROPRICER offered, upper management quickly recognized the efficiencies the system could bring.

In this PROPRICER case study, learn how SARA's contracts team:

  • eliminated inadvertent formula-breaking upon estimator input;
  • now generates pricing data reports for the government in minutes; and
  • increased yearly proposal throughput rate.

“Once everyone saw the accuracy and ease in which we could change rates, perform what-if analysis, copy proposals, ensure accuracy and compliance — and PROPRICER's extensive reporting capabilities — we were confident we’d get buy-in.”

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About the Customer


Scientific Applications & Research Associates (SARA), Inc., was formed in 1989 to provide engineers and scientists an agile and flexible work environment to help create specialized technologies and innovations. SARA prides itself on being able to provide state-of-the art technology at small business rates. 

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