Webinar Replay: How ProPricer Can Reduce Your Stress for DCAA Audits


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Michael Weaver

Director of Operations, ProPricer

Let ProPricer take the load of DCAA audits off your shoulders. Michael Weaver will be demonstrating how ProPricer provides a standardized structure for pricing and rates that's easy to review.

With ProPricer, your team can ensure data is centrally housed in a relational database that assures consistent accuracy through reporting, full cost, and rate build-up.

In this webinar, we'll be reviewing the following features in ProPricer:

  • Pricing Models (General Info and Test Function)
  • Rates (Direct, Indirect, CER Tables and More)
  • Reports (EFP Output, DCB)
  • Audit Report
  • Resource and Summary Views to show input and cost impact


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Product Webinar Replay