PROPRICER Case Study: Defense Manufacturer & Services Provider

Defense Manufacturer & Service Provider Upgrades from Spreadsheets

Before PROPRICER, the company’s pricing team spent many late nights searching for clarifying and supplemental information. 

Often, the people involved weren’t Excel formula experts, or leaders wanted details about data points that even the most experienced Excel experts couldn’t track down quickly – but since they started using PROPRICER, management hasn’t stumped them yet.

"PROPRICER made us aware of a problem we didn't even know we had."

After bringing in PROPRICER, the team's bid quality has seen a significant impact based on PROPRICER's ability to catch and remedy small rounding errors that Excel couldn't do.

The company also credits their success to the solution’s fast information access during the government review process.

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About the Customer

A major manufacturing and services company provides innovative solutions to the U.S. Government. Seven new facilities since 2004 allow the company to offer manufacturing and integration, test, and logistics for the Top 20 U.S. Defense Contractors that regularly seek the company's expertise to fulfill contract requirements.

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