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    Webinar Replay: How To Actually Use A Price-To-Win


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    Gene Metcalf, Director of Price to Win, Richter & Company

    Heather Teed, President, EOP Consulting

    Your Business Development Executive just handed you a Price-To-Win (PTW) analysis. What do you do next as the lead Cost/Pricing Analyst, especially if the cost buildup you are working on exceeds the PTW? Many contractors conduct a PTW because it seems like the thing to do on a large pursuit, but if you don’t know how to use it to your advantage, you will not only lose the work but your investment in the PTW.

    This webinar will cover:

    • Who are the key players involved in PTW and Cost/Pricing
    • When should a PTW occur to allow for effective Cost/Pricing
    • What are the elements you should expect to find in a PTW analysis
    • Where do you draw the line between what you as a Cost/Price analyst should and should not share with a PTW analyst.
    • Why a PTW is not Cost/Pricing and vice versa
    • How to make sure you understand the underlying assumptions that went into the PTW.
    • How to use the results of the PTW to suggest tweaks to the team responsible for the technical solution.
    • How to present options to senior decision makers around risk and profit related to the various solutions your firm can put forth.

    In this webinar, Gene Metcalf, Price To Win Director of Richter & Co, and Heather Teed, President of EOP Consulting, will discuss how you can best leverage a PTW analysis so that you can help to position your organization for a win.

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