Report: Promoting A Culture of Risk Taking

How Forward-Thinking Procurement Protects DHS Contract Pricing

Relatively new within the Department of Homeland Security, the Procurement Innovation Lab seeks to inject a spirit of creativity into Homeland Security’s procurement processes, both on the Agency and Industry sides. (No small feat in a division known for a highly conservative, regimented approach to protecting our nation’s well-being.)

Setting a mission of calculated discovery for DHS agencies.

In this report, we’ll:

• Discuss the inception, makeup, and mission of the PIL
• Look at an Agency’s role in leveraging the PIL as an “innovation consultant”
• Study some of the most creative procurement techniques at play today
• Learn what it takes to become a successful Innovation Coach
• See how Coaching influences DHS Agencies and others
• Know why the Lab enjoys such a stunning success rate
• Look at the PIL’s culture of transparency—which also benefits contractors
• See why the PIL is becoming the model for all government procurement.

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