PROPRICER Case Study: ArmorWorks

DoD Contractor Implements PROPRICER with Just Ten Weeks to Submit Compliant RFP Response

Previously operating primarily as a subcontractor, ArmorWorks' first opportunity to bid as a prime required the company to submit a cost proposal to the U. S. Air Force in a rapid turnaround after receiving the request for pricing data.

“We simply could not submit a complex, accurate proposal in short order using our existing system.”

The team had heard about PROPRICER from prime contractors they had worked with, so they requested a live demo of the software.

Once they saw PROPRICER in action, they knew they could never go back to their old pricing system if they wanted to stay competitive and grow.

Learn what happened when the PROPRICER implementation team set up and configured the data sets needed to comply with the RFP.

“I don't know if we're the fastest PROPRICER implementation ever, but that sure was fast.”

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About the Customer


ArmorWorks is a defense and security company that provides innovative protective technologies and products, including commercial aviation cockpit doors, platform armor and seating, sensitive material protections, and more.

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