PROPRICER GE Referral Program

The seamless integration between the CE and GE versions of PROPRICER has created an unprecedented ability for contractors and government agencies to significantly improve the way in which proposals are submitted and analyzed. Our CE customers are sharing with their government customers about the many benefits they have realized by implementing PROPRICER.

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PROPRICER GE Referral Program Benefits

Level 1: Referral Purchases 1-5 License(s)

You get:

3% off

Level 2: Referral Purchases 6-10 Licenses

You get:

6% off

Level 3: Referral Purchases 11+ Licenses

You get:

10% off

If a PROPRICER customer mentions the benefits of PROPRICER GE to a government agency, and that agency purchases PROPRICER GE licenses as a result, the referring customer will receive a discount on their maintenance renewal fee for the following year. Each time a referral happens that results in purchased GE software, a maintenance renewal discount is applied to the regular total maintenance amount for the following year. The number of GE licenses purchased by a given agency determines what discount percentage will be applied to the customer’s total maintenance renewal amount. 


  • Customer must have consent from the referred contact to provide Executive Business Services, Inc. (EBS) with their contact information, and for a PROPRICER representative to call or email the referred contact regarding PROPRICER solutions.
  • In order to be elegible for Referral Program Benefits, the referred organization must not have had contact with an EBS Sales representative within the past 6 months.
  • The discounts awarded for referrals may be applied one time only, to the following year's maintenance period.
  • Software purchases by the referred organization must occur within 12 months of the Referral Form submission.
  • The referring customer must claim their Referral Program Benefits within 12 months of the referred organization’s software purchase date.

If you have any questions about the Referral Program, please contact us.

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